Sunday, August 30, 2009

Big Ole Baby...

Alright, so we must do it. I'm under the impression that this is another toddler sized baby just from the feel of it and the size of me. So let's do it....take a guess at the weight and date. If you get both right, you get the baby, if you get one right, you'll get something fantastic! My guess:
September 20th 10lbs 9oz
His due date is Oct 3rd. And my babies get bigger each was 11lbs 2 oz. Take your guess!

Hatch Family Reunion 2009

Last weekend was our Vern Hatch family reunion in the valley. It was a lot of fun. We started out the morning with a service project at the church making quilts (I didn't take any picture) then we all went to Brimhall Jr. High pool to swim and eat and play. These 3 boys had a blast in the pool. Then we had the dad with his cool sunglasses was the auctioneer with his brother Ken. He is demonstrating the apron that he's auctioning off.

Kam with her half cannonball perfect form jumping off the diving board.
Um, and yes, I darked and blurred myself out becaue I told my sister not to get me in any of the! Doesn't everyone else look so excited though?

Um, and see that cute basket with the bottled food in it? I won that at the auction, not only do I now have a bunch of yummy bottled food, but that basket matches the garbage in the baby's nursery...yay!

Friday, August 28, 2009

The last of the reunion....

Alright, so these are the last shots that I have from the Mulder Family Reunion. I'm excited for the next one when I'll hopefully not be pregnant, or at least SO pregnant.
This is just a random shot of Jado with his camping hair. I love it! Every couple of weeks he tells me he wants it cut short, but then when I go to make the appointment, he changes his mind. I'm glad...I love his long hair.

And Jaden LOVES his uncles so much. He even bought 2 packs of candy before the reunion and saved one..."for his uncles". I asked him what his favorite part of the whole reunion was and he said, "meeting the new cousins (cousins we hadn't met before) and playing with Uncle Josh at the beach.". This is Uncle Jared wrestling around with Jado.
Ug! And the group shot (w/o Justy and, wish you guys were still there) Um, look who's the biggest, tallest, roundest one there...blah!

Anyway, fun family, fun location, fun reunion!

Reunion continued...

I love this picture of Jaden. I think I might have already posted it but I love it. He didn't want to get in the cold cold lake with dad and Kam so he stayed on the dock and fished. Smart boy! And dad took Kam and Bossy for a ride on cousin JD's Harley around the campgrounds.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mulder family reunion Part II....

So Margi planned an awesome game of So you think you can dance. I'm sure the video is a lot better, but this is all I have. Jase with his signature move...... The 2 pretty girls doing pretty dances....

The some hardcore dancing by the dance masters Duncan, Margi and Justy
These two felt a little upstaged by the amazing Bostonian!

And no one will EVER forget the introductory act by Aunt Tami, Gramcicle and Grandma Mulder. Boston had his front row seat.

Um, like I mentioned in an earlier post...we spent a good many minutes of our trip cleaning sand out of butts.....

And this guy likes to hid from my camera, so I take what I can get. He's a gem and he had so much fun playing with his "new cousins" and his uncles. He's an easy kid.
More to come....SOON!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A brief break in the trip posts...

Ok, so I need to catch up on what's going on in my life now before I forget it all (pregnant brain) and then I'll catch up on the road trip posts.
This last weekend I was soo excited to finally have a girls night, and I knew I'd only last for dinner, but it was at Brio's, so I was happy. I ended up being early so I sat and waited, and my mom and sister Randa came and they both had gift bags, so I was really freaked out that I was missing someone's birthday, then cousin's and old roomates started showing up and I thought it was just sisters and neices, so I slowly caught on. I was supposed to be late, but ended up being the first my surprise baby shower. haha! It was a lot of fun. I was just telling Jase how sad it is that only the first of each sex gets a shower. I throw sip n sees for my friend's that have a second of the same sex. But every stinking baby should be celebrated. I think I was mostly saying this because we sold everything after Boston. We've had about 4 or 5 moves since then, and it wasn' t worth lugging it all around. Anyway, we had a lot of fun and I got lots of cute clothes, burp clothes, candle, an amazing photoshoot with the famous photographer Holly when this kid gets out, and a sewing machine...yea, a sewing machine. My pain in the butt best friend just got tired of hearing me tell her for the last year that I'm going to throw my machine through the window, so she gave me her old one which looks like it's never been used. ug! I'll have to make her something amazing with it to show my appreciation. Anyway, it was soo great to see everyone and of coarse to eat Brio's Bisteca Salad....Mmm, oh, and my hot friend that lost her weight last year when I did,b ut she's still skinny and hot...she was our waitress...glad Jase wasn't there. In earlier happenings, Boston helped me roll out a pizza crust last can't deny a chef with mermaid underwear and a half wedgie!

Ok, and project #1 of many...this ugly old thing.....
became this rad new thing.....

We have another project completed that I just haven't taken a picture of and about 3 more to come...including a hopefully and very possible move in the near future...fingers STILL crossed.
And just today, right after Jado and Kam left for school, this happened....


Boss Overload...

Now it's time to share bossy pics from the trip. He was a nut when it was his turn for the shoot. These were the last ones when he was in his swim trunks. Uncle Justy found a big gross peice of seaweed to wrap around him.
Then he decided to bury Uncle Justy's feet. He looks like he's being wicked naughty about it, but he did it all in fun.

Sampling more sand.

Running away from the water.

Just being really cute.
And even though I chopped Jase's upper half off, I LOVE this picture!

I love the action in this shot.

He's just freaking adorabe!

Showing us where the ocean is.

Running from the ocean.

The rest of these are just adorable and I hope they get Rachael pregnant.

I hope this new baby looks just like my 2 boys. I love em!


Friday, August 21, 2009

Random FUn...

Ok, so my picture are all jumbled up in weird order, so I'm just posting as they we recovered. I will be posting a few of this next picture. At most every beach we stopped at Boston had to take a taste. He liked it...blah! This was at some place that's known to have the largest heard of elk or deer or whatever. I didn't get out but Jase took this pic of Kam with them behind her. They had no fear at all of people, there were tourists all over and they were huge mothers!

And this was a random "my legs are and arms are falling asleep" stop. Also the only family picture we have of the whole trip...we all look dazed and Boston is stripping Jase. Nice!

Ahhh, and these are the beginnings of the Mulder Family Reunion pictures. They will take a few posts. This one is Jase taking his grandma over to where the family was. She had to cross a little creek and she was nervous about it, so he ended up scooping her up and carrying her across as me and jase's uncles and aunts and mom and everyone watched. haha, whatta hero!

ANd I love this pic of grandma Mulder playing with Bossy and Kam in the sand. Kam wanted to wear her swimming suit everytime we stopped. I dont know how many times on this trip we had to stop and clean sand out of her butt.

More reunion pics, boston on beach pics and other pics to come....

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Alright, now I'm moving on to Kam's pictures. I bought the kid's school clothes at the outlets in Cali. I had a bunch of coupons for Gap, Old Navy and Gymboree on top of the outlet prices so we went a little crazy. I bought Kam the cutest blue linen dress at Gap and a cover up top and I told all of the kids, " Each of you will take a state and an hour and let me take some cute pictures" Kamryn got California. These were all taken WAY up north. Above the redwoods. And she's still suffering from 80's style layering that she did herself so it was a bit difficult to make it look decent w/o using a million pins and spray. So just go with it.
I have no idea what this expression is called, but I LOVE IT! I love her big grey eyes, messy hair and half wet dress!

This was when we first got out to the beach and we were all freezing from no circulation from sitting in the car. Luckily I had a jacket and the kids and Jase got to running around and getting warm.
The kids love running out to the water's edge and then having it chase them back in...they always end up with wet muddy backsides.

Kam does some crazy skip dance thing out to the water's edge and I had to take a picture.

This was about an hour before we got to the previous beach. There is a great lighthouse behind her, but I'm no good with pictures so I overexposed it...whoops!

And I have to give props to her styling He kept her hair out of her face for me.
Thanks for the fun shoot Kam, you're the best!