Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

1. What is your occupation right now? mom, wife, chef, maid.
2. What color are your socks right now? none....I
wear socks for about 3 hours a day to work out or play volleyball. 3. What are you listening to right now? the kids helping Jase do yard work. 4. What was the last thing that you ate? a 6" last night from Subway...Turkey & Swiss
5. Can you drive a stick shift? heck yes...but I haven't for years.
6. Last person you spoke to on the phone? I don't remember that long ago.
7. What was the last nice thing you did for someone? I didn't punch the guy that asked when the "blessED day" is.
8.How old are you today? 24
9.What is your favorite sport to watchon TV? ugh, um, Community. I hate watching sports.
10. What is your favorite drink?? chocolate malts....i get 3 or 4 year a days of my life!
11. Have you ever dyed your hair? every few weeks since I was 14, and I'm going to today.
12. Favorite food? Mmm, I really have been craving Subway a lot, but at this very moment, I could go for some mint chip ice cream, or even better, coldstones mint ice cream with brownies! But yes, I'm trying to drop 4more lbs before Saturday for family pics, so not t
his week. Mostly english muffins, fruit and vitamin water.
13. What is the last movie you watched? A TEAM! Awesome!
14. Favorite day of the year? Fourth of July only a few days away! Can't wait!!! Got some awesome friends coming to spend it with us too! It'll be awesome.
15. How do you vent anger? yell at Jase.
16.What was your favorite toy as a child? a little wagamie doll (gizmo...gremilins...come on people!)
17. What is your favorite season? FALL
18.Cherries or Blueberries ? Blueberries, I down a few every day in hopes that I'll stop aging so freaking fast...ugh.
19. If you could change one thing about the way you lo
ok, what would it be? Ok, I'm going to list a few, I can't narrow it
down to ONE! Bigger lips, no bags under my eyes, more hair, less belly, less sag in the chestal area and some butt.
20.Who is your favorite person to share secrets with? Besides Jase, defaintely LIssy!
21. Who is your favorite person to catch up with? Melissa! It was soo great to see her again and catch up. We need to do it more often than every 3 years though.
22. Living arrangements? they're ok. I'd like more bathroom breaks, and to have someone else cook every once in a while, but i'm not complainin.
23. When was the last time you cried? I cry every few hours since I gave birth 9 years ago. Doesn't everyone???24. What is on the floor of your closet? shoes right now since I cleaned since we're having clean organized company coming, but usually lots of close because my scale is in there, and I have to strip before I weigh.
25.Who is the friend you've got the most in common with? Um, Ashley Stinkin Biddle Skiddle! We're pretty much the same person, but she has better hair and bigger stink ashley!
26.What did you do last night? we took Subway to the park with a blanket and ate and had a little FHE...PERFECT wheather!
27.What are you most afraid of? my kids kow the usual, but also, dogs.
28. Plain, cheese or spicy hamburger? McD's cheeseburger, no onions, extra pickles with mustard. I haven' thad one in ai couple of years, but I NEED one now that I've thought about it.
29.Favorite dog breed? I've always loved my poms but puli's are awesome!
30. Favorite day of the week? They're all about the same to me.
31. How many countries have you lived in? um one.
32. Diamonds or pearls? both together, but not real.
33. What is your favorite flower? hydraneas and peonies
34. Favorite craving? From May-
October...ICE CREAM!!!!!
35. How many times a week do you eat chocolate? None this w
eek, usually around 5 or 6. It's pretty bad.
36. Biggest pet peeve? When pe
ople don't make the connection between illness and sugar intake. I just wanna bop em over the head and make them realize sugar KILLS immunity...not just candy...SUGAR! I know, that's a nerdy peeve, but honestly!
37. Least favorite celebrity? Megan Fox...I think we all know why
38. Favorite? Ryan Reynolds....I think we all know why.
39. Biggest goal for the year? Other than lose this last 10, teach my kdis to freaking CLEAN!!!!!
40. Biggest goal for the day? Find an amazing top or dress for family picture this weekend! I've been searching for about a week now and I'm starting to freak out!

And there are my answers as of June, whatever today is, 2010.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

What's goin on....

Lately we've been able to have lots of cousins and aunts come up to Jo City. It's been a lot of fune. Lots of sleeping in grandma and grandpa's camper, lots of candy store runs, lots of pizza, soda and pancakes. The kids LOVE when the cousins come do we, until the week afterwards where we have to get back to chores, schedules, bedtime and vegetables. Ugh!
We have a few days to get things back to normal before we get to have some really super great friends come stay with us. Hopefully we can get the canned chicken smell out of the house and all of the poop and food off of the walls. haha.
And again, I haven't downloaded any pictures, so I'm sharing more from my fun shoot with Melissa Fullmer....who happens to be my really super great friend that's coming. Oh, that's what I've been spending the last 3 days doing...trying to get outfits together for our first ever family shoot with a professional. I'm kinda stressing about it, cause I need it to be perfect since I'm hoping to get pg later this year and possibly again 9-12months after the next one...I'll be fat for a long family pictures. ha

oh yes, and also fretting about how us girls are going to do our hair. For this shoot it was soo humid out that our curls fell instantly...and Kam's hair is so thick it won't keep a barrette or headband in for more than a minute or two. ugh! So that's where I'm off to right now...testing out different curlers in her hair. Wish us luck!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My one and only...

Um, first off, I'm sooo lucky to know Melissa Fullmer! Seriously. I am IN LOVE with these pictures she took, and we stare at them all day!!!!! LOVE THEM! We decided I'll do her sewing and quilting, Jase will be their probono adjuster, and she can be our photographer and her husband bob can be our MAC consult guru. (he's knows his apple shiz).

Now onto my sweet Kamryn. It was SO fun going on a roadtrip just her and I. I hope we can do it every year forever! I learned so much about her. I learned that she LOVES "the music that the cowboys sing". And she would get really excited when we'd get onto the Broadway from now on, we're a half of the time country music family (I can't live without my DMB and John Mayer). And every Sunday we're going to watch a musical. I can't wait, I never watched them growing up, but I always hear about them, so it'll be fun for all of us.

I learned how sweet she can be when her and Jaden aren't tormenting each other. She is soo sweet with other kids. She LOVED playing with little Clara and Kamryn. I loved watching her laugh at them and the cute things they did.
I learned that she doesn't like to see people sad. She asked about every homeless person we saw on our way. Everytime a car was broken down on the side of the road she wanted to help them. And of coarse, something that I already knew but I LOVE to watch about my sweet Kambam is her LOVE for animals. She said her favorite part of the trip was the animal muesem....aquarium. She could stop at stare at the animals all day if we had time. She gets that from her dad for sure. She loves to catch lizards, chickens, cats, dogs, whatver. And sadly, her favorite show right now is Bindi the Jungle girl...not my favorite, but I love that she loves it.
My favorite thing about Kamryn is that she is JUST LIKE ME! She doesn't like to show emotion, you have to fight her for a hug, and her and I make the weirdest faces for the camera....not on purpose. Love you lots little Kam!!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

The beginnings of the shoot.

Ok, so I was super, incredibly majorly excited to have The Famous Melissa Fullmer take mine and Kam's pictures in Dallas. Um, not only are they freaking amazing...but it was freaking fun...especially for being in the 90's, super super humid and in the ghetto. We had a ton of fun. I felt bad for her because Kam and I are super not photogenic...we suck at smiling and suck at not making weird faces. I'll post some of the non doofy ones she took later, but for now...let me share with you a story:
Once there was a photographer named Melissa, and she told this old lady to stand under this cute shaded, old old run down she did...and she was starting to pose when Melissa said, "wait, I need to change my card" Kristal stood...and waited......then she felt something, as if the old building were leaking. She looked at her shoulder and hair and wondered what it she looked up and saw the world's biggest pigeon. yup......
And no trip to Deep Ellum would be complete with out a taco stand stop......
I'm thinking that a bunch of us should get family pictures taken by melissa in Az next Spring so she'll come out and do them. She's on her name on my sidebar to look at more of her stuff. She's de best!

just a couple of girls in the city....

Kam and I decided to take a girl's trip to Dallas to see our friends Melissa, Clara and Kamryn. It was a super super long drive that started with us in Amarillo at the gas station, and my door wouldn't shut. The harder i slammed it, the harder it few open. So I held the door closed and drove to the McD's and called Jase. He set it up for us to go to the airport and get a new car....a piece of crap Cobalt...huge down grade from the 2010 Mazda 6 we had. So I had jase complain...cause a 15 hour road trip WITHOUT cruise control was soo not going to be happening. So they told us we coudl pick out our car in Dallas. I'll post pics of that soon.
So our first day we shopped, and um, shopped, then we ate for a bit, then shopped, and shopped, then we crashed....then we ate (texas roadhouse...our signature spot) then we shopped...I know, you're thinking, "isn't it getting too late to shop?"....nope, never!!!!
My fashion consultant, Mel, (who earlier looked through pictures with me to get a feel for the look I was going for) helped me get 4 full outfits for Kam and I...THAT I LOVE!!! Pictures of them will be coming soon too...can't wait!
The next day we met up with our friend January and went to the old irving bible school tubes for the kids to play. It was crazy to see her again. Her family has doubled in size since I saw her last...they're adorable! Then we went and did a little father's day shopping for grandpa, then back to get Mel, Clara and Kam, and then off guessed it...SHOP! For shoes this time to go with all of the outfits.
Ahh, now we're to the point that I rememberedI brought my camera (my brain doesn't work still)...the Dallas World Aquarium!!!!!! We didn't even know about this place till the week before we moved from Dallas, and we've been so exited to go back.
This is Kam with the sea otters.....
This is us with the Manatee...he was really boring this time.
The shark tunnel was awesome this time...smell strongly of b.o. but the sharks and huge turtle were awesome! The shark behind Kam is the one with a saw nose thingy.
Ok, and I loved the huge turtle, but it was difficult to get a good picture with don't mind me face of surprise and focus on the awesome HUGE turtle behind my head.
Our new friends, the Dallas World Aquarium Myan Indian dancers. They were pretty cool looking...they pretty much danced the same as the navajo dancers here in Holbrook.
Kam LOVED the Cheetah. She stared at it for quite a while. She's defaintely my animal girl.
One of my favorite attractions at the aquarium...this awesome perfect afro!
After the aquarium, we went home, and dried off (stinking humid dallas!!!) and got ready for WICKED! This was us before knew how amazing it would be......
I love the props and stuff for Wicked, the dragon and map......
It was pretty much the most amazing production ever! I loved it...again. It made me realize that I've gotta introduce my kids to more musicals. Kam fell asleep halfway through it, but on the way home she talked about it a lot and our car had sirus and she kept wanting to listen to the "on broadway" channel. The only reason I don't like...ok, and really do like musicals is cause they make me emotional...I HATE showing emotion. Seriously the girl that played Alphaba made me want to puke on a few of her songs because her voice was so amazing. Of coarse defying gravity and changed for good, how can you not be emotional during those...look, I just got goosebumps on my legs just typing about it! ugh!
Ok, the next day we got up, got super super duper ready and headed to down town dallas...or should I say...DEEP ELLUM!!!!! Which I will blog about shortly...very interesting morning.
Which defaintely deserved this.....
The most amazing ice cream sandwich from gosh! It was even 10x better than it looks...and LOOK AT IT!
Then back to Melissa's to dry off again, and Kam and I headed out to do some more father's day shopping...just garbage cans....nothing too exciting....but it's 2 garbage cans more than I got for mother's day, so there!
Then back to Mel's for some Psych, which may be on my top 3 of favorite TV shows for the moment..hilarious! Then comes the moment Kam was waiting months for....FONDUE! It was everythign I remembered it to be...the cheese...amazing...the chocoalte...amazing...the, so so. It was just fun being there with awesome Fullmers.
Ah, then Sunday morning, bright andearly for a 15 hour road trip home....which I was kinda ready for since I missed my stinkin boys...especially my baby, everything reminded me of him...especially this billboard on our way home....
Ahh, it's good to be home...but I can't wait for next yaer's trip already!!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

no pictures...sad, I know

Ok, so Jase and I were out at the garden yesterday and I needed an egg so I went to the coop and there was a chicken that had JUST gotten off of the egg and it was still warm. I told Jase, "HOW do they do this? She just laid it and look how clean it is! I would even lick it right now and it's fresh out of her butt!". Jase said, "well, they don't lay eggs the same way you think they do." Me: yea, but it's outt of their poopy butt!". Jase: "no, it's out of the hole they pee out of". Me: "Ok, even better then." Jase: "why's that better". Me:, "um, cause I'd rather drink your pee than eat your poop!".
I don't know how that conversation got there, but I'm glad it ended there.

On a better note, i honeslty have the best baby IN THE WORLD. Others say that, but it's just because they haven't met pearcen paul. Seriously, he was just sittin on the floor today like he does most all day and I laid down to play with him and I said, "oh my gosh Pearce, you're the cutest baby EVER". And he just busted up laughing. Then I said, "I'm soooo sooo glad you're the best baby ever and you make my life easy"....and again, the dude busted up laughing. he's perfect!!!!!! and I know Heavenly Father gave me a perfect one so I would have another one soon. OOOORRR did he give me a perfect one to enjoy for a long time BEFORE I have another one? Ugh. Anyway, PERFECT PEARCEN PAUL!!!!!