Sunday, June 27, 2010

What's goin on....

Lately we've been able to have lots of cousins and aunts come up to Jo City. It's been a lot of fune. Lots of sleeping in grandma and grandpa's camper, lots of candy store runs, lots of pizza, soda and pancakes. The kids LOVE when the cousins come do we, until the week afterwards where we have to get back to chores, schedules, bedtime and vegetables. Ugh!
We have a few days to get things back to normal before we get to have some really super great friends come stay with us. Hopefully we can get the canned chicken smell out of the house and all of the poop and food off of the walls. haha.
And again, I haven't downloaded any pictures, so I'm sharing more from my fun shoot with Melissa Fullmer....who happens to be my really super great friend that's coming. Oh, that's what I've been spending the last 3 days doing...trying to get outfits together for our first ever family shoot with a professional. I'm kinda stressing about it, cause I need it to be perfect since I'm hoping to get pg later this year and possibly again 9-12months after the next one...I'll be fat for a long family pictures. ha

oh yes, and also fretting about how us girls are going to do our hair. For this shoot it was soo humid out that our curls fell instantly...and Kam's hair is so thick it won't keep a barrette or headband in for more than a minute or two. ugh! So that's where I'm off to right now...testing out different curlers in her hair. Wish us luck!


j&krosser said...

I love the photo shoot with you and Kam!

Jessica said...

Ok! you seriously look like you should be in a magazine! You look amazing!!!