Monday, June 21, 2010

just a couple of girls in the city....

Kam and I decided to take a girl's trip to Dallas to see our friends Melissa, Clara and Kamryn. It was a super super long drive that started with us in Amarillo at the gas station, and my door wouldn't shut. The harder i slammed it, the harder it few open. So I held the door closed and drove to the McD's and called Jase. He set it up for us to go to the airport and get a new car....a piece of crap Cobalt...huge down grade from the 2010 Mazda 6 we had. So I had jase complain...cause a 15 hour road trip WITHOUT cruise control was soo not going to be happening. So they told us we coudl pick out our car in Dallas. I'll post pics of that soon.
So our first day we shopped, and um, shopped, then we ate for a bit, then shopped, and shopped, then we crashed....then we ate (texas roadhouse...our signature spot) then we shopped...I know, you're thinking, "isn't it getting too late to shop?"....nope, never!!!!
My fashion consultant, Mel, (who earlier looked through pictures with me to get a feel for the look I was going for) helped me get 4 full outfits for Kam and I...THAT I LOVE!!! Pictures of them will be coming soon too...can't wait!
The next day we met up with our friend January and went to the old irving bible school tubes for the kids to play. It was crazy to see her again. Her family has doubled in size since I saw her last...they're adorable! Then we went and did a little father's day shopping for grandpa, then back to get Mel, Clara and Kam, and then off guessed it...SHOP! For shoes this time to go with all of the outfits.
Ahh, now we're to the point that I rememberedI brought my camera (my brain doesn't work still)...the Dallas World Aquarium!!!!!! We didn't even know about this place till the week before we moved from Dallas, and we've been so exited to go back.
This is Kam with the sea otters.....
This is us with the Manatee...he was really boring this time.
The shark tunnel was awesome this time...smell strongly of b.o. but the sharks and huge turtle were awesome! The shark behind Kam is the one with a saw nose thingy.
Ok, and I loved the huge turtle, but it was difficult to get a good picture with don't mind me face of surprise and focus on the awesome HUGE turtle behind my head.
Our new friends, the Dallas World Aquarium Myan Indian dancers. They were pretty cool looking...they pretty much danced the same as the navajo dancers here in Holbrook.
Kam LOVED the Cheetah. She stared at it for quite a while. She's defaintely my animal girl.
One of my favorite attractions at the aquarium...this awesome perfect afro!
After the aquarium, we went home, and dried off (stinking humid dallas!!!) and got ready for WICKED! This was us before knew how amazing it would be......
I love the props and stuff for Wicked, the dragon and map......
It was pretty much the most amazing production ever! I loved it...again. It made me realize that I've gotta introduce my kids to more musicals. Kam fell asleep halfway through it, but on the way home she talked about it a lot and our car had sirus and she kept wanting to listen to the "on broadway" channel. The only reason I don't like...ok, and really do like musicals is cause they make me emotional...I HATE showing emotion. Seriously the girl that played Alphaba made me want to puke on a few of her songs because her voice was so amazing. Of coarse defying gravity and changed for good, how can you not be emotional during those...look, I just got goosebumps on my legs just typing about it! ugh!
Ok, the next day we got up, got super super duper ready and headed to down town dallas...or should I say...DEEP ELLUM!!!!! Which I will blog about shortly...very interesting morning.
Which defaintely deserved this.....
The most amazing ice cream sandwich from gosh! It was even 10x better than it looks...and LOOK AT IT!
Then back to Melissa's to dry off again, and Kam and I headed out to do some more father's day shopping...just garbage cans....nothing too exciting....but it's 2 garbage cans more than I got for mother's day, so there!
Then back to Mel's for some Psych, which may be on my top 3 of favorite TV shows for the moment..hilarious! Then comes the moment Kam was waiting months for....FONDUE! It was everythign I remembered it to be...the cheese...amazing...the chocoalte...amazing...the, so so. It was just fun being there with awesome Fullmers.
Ah, then Sunday morning, bright andearly for a 15 hour road trip home....which I was kinda ready for since I missed my stinkin boys...especially my baby, everything reminded me of him...especially this billboard on our way home....
Ahh, it's good to be home...but I can't wait for next yaer's trip already!!!!


Melissa Fullmer said...

who' that fat girl in your pictures?? oh crap that's me!! suck!

Ashley Lois said...

i cried at the end of wicked. lame, i know.