Wednesday, April 28, 2010

wicked wind!

So the wind is amazingly scary freaky tonight, so I'm up...everyone! It's HORRIBLE. So I thought I'd take the time to blog, since I have all night. Here are a few more pictures from Kayla's shoot with Chad. I love them. I'm so glad they're getting married. They're perfect together.

In other news, Pearce is rolling all over the place, Boston is getting better with his speech and loves to say "________ is fweeekin me OUT!". I love it. And Kam, she's just busy being very social. Jaden, he's a big bad scout and has his life on a pretty tight schedule. He knows what days he has scouts, basketball practice, games and piano lessons...and he plans accordingly.
My latelys.....quilting with lissy, scrapbooking with lissy, working out with lissy, cooking with lissy, cleaning with lissy, remembering cool sayings from the past with lissy and taking volleyball championships....with lissy. yea, so when they move out in a few weeks...I'll be sad...obviously. It's like constantly having a sister around to hang out with and do stuff with and keep me motivated. I'll probably go back to sitting around and watching office reruns all day when she leaves. Sad.
Now on to my feelings about something public. Ok, nevermind...I'm too scared sitting here by this window with the crazy wind...and am now in fear of the power going out. So my opinioin is of the wind....NOT A FAN!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


This past weekend we went with one of our favorite families in the whole world, the Skiddles (aka the biddles) to Roosevelt for an overnight camp and swim. It was a lotta fun. our camp was scary and close to other campers, and lots of spiders, but the lake was perfect, the wheather was perfect, all of the kids were as close as they can get to perfect. It was great. This is the dad's dunking the kids and dogs....and Boston running off in fear. The boys taking the kids for a tour of our litte scary cove. They freaked out because Jase pushed them out about 2' farther than they were used to going and they both freaked out and thought they were going to get ran over by the motor boats and die! It was really a dramatic moment in the weekend. I loved it!

This is Tagg, he's freaking awesome! He was eatting all of the marshmallows off of the ground mixed in with a little dirt and rocks. Happy guy!

This is me and my naked baby. Finally proof that I do go on our campouts. I'm never in the pictures cause I'm always taking them, but alas, it's me.

Ok, and yesterday, i just couldn't get enough of Kam and Pearce. She is SOO sweet with him. She loves him so much and does whatever she can to keep him smiling and laughing. She's the best!

Mmm, seriously need to get more babies going! They're the best!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Things are GREAT, but...

I wish....

*we had a Grandma week, or even grandma day, where the whole day is spent with the kids going to grandma's (grandma's idea) and she bakes with them, crafts with them, plays games with them. Grandma day (or week)

*I owned a bosch. Anyone that knows me well, KNOWS how badly I've wanted bosch for about 5 years now. I sold my kitchen aide last year at a yard sale for $200 to go towards the purchase of a bosch but low and behold, it went towards our couch (which I DO LOVE, but still want a bosch)

*for grass

*forfat free cheese that melts

*for sister's trip/day

*for a 6 pack (abs)

*for a bumbo for pearcey

*for a baby sister for pearcey

*for wood bunk beds

*fo more time to quilt

*for chocolate milk that makes you skinny and tastes great and is good for you

*for jase to gain 20

*for me to lose 10

*for a nap

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The funness I've been up to

Ok, so my neice didn't want me to post any of the pics we just did of them on facebook, so I'm not, and I'm only posting this one on here because there are about 20 ones that she had bettered love more than this so she won't be using this one on her announcements (plus, I think there is only one or 2 people that read my blog and only one of them knows her anwyays). So lately, I'v been taking some really fun pictures of Kayla and her fiance Chad. i've had SO much fun taking them. They're an awesome couple, good looking, and in love...which are all 3 every photographers dream. I've loved it.
So, I'm back to my 2-3lbs a week. I took a month off and paid for it...luckily I didn't have to pull out the ole 12's, but am farther away from my 8's. Hopefully I can get to my goal by the wedding...only 37 days away! ugh! In other news. I got the family newsletter done...surprisingly. Now hopefully I can get them mailed out.
We have decided to put Boston in preschool next year...after MUCh contemplation. They wanted him in this past year, but I could NOT see putting my 3 year old in preschool, no matter how delayed his speach is. So this year he just did speach, next year and the year after, preschool. And yes, he'll be 6 when he starts kindergarten, but that way, straight to the mish after graduation!
Jaden and Kamryn are playing basketball. kam is team sky, jaden is on the raptors. They are both LOVING it. We try to take them to go practice once a's a lot of fun.
Pearce, well, he started eatting food this week and HE LOVES IT! He's only had carrots and peas, but he thinks they're candy. He's awesome. I think we're going to Ferberize (sp) this week...mean, i know, but we need sleep, and he's almost 7 months old. We'll see if we'll be able to do it. I love this little guy and he hardly ever cries, so when he does, I want to hurry up and make him happy, so ferberizing sounds like death to me. We'll see.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Rollercoasters and fields of weeds....

Ok, I'm starting this post with a motivational picture for myself. I'm posting it first so that when I open my blog every morning to listen to my playlist as we clean, i can be reminded of what I wanna look like by the girl Latetia...she's been my image idol since I was 18! Ok, and now my reason for coming in here to blog...other than the fact that my true desire right now is to go jump on the trampoline but it's too windy. Nigella Lawson! I know I have to have a few Food Network junkies like myself. There are 154 that view my blog...please, PLEASE say that one of you is an addict. ok, so I think thanks to facebook, i really only have 3 viewers, but still, someone. My subject is Nigella today simply because, she's hot. She always makes something with chocolate (unlike that alcholic Sandra Lee) and she always licks her fingers, and shows herself sneaking into her fridge late at night. I mean come on...she's pretty much ALL of us, but just willing to show it on TV! I do think however, that she's packed on a good 30 or so in the last few years. She's always been vulumptious, but she's seeming a bit pudgy....but still incredibly HOT. I just watched her make rocky road bars for her kid's (and their friend's) picnic that was at some beautiful pasture in England I'm sure. But my gosh, not sure if I wanted to go eat a bar of chocolate or call Jase home for a minute...IYKWIM (is that right?) . Anyway, just thought since I gave a blog shout out to my girl Ina, I'd also mention my other kitchen mentor, Nigella....
Top is now, bottom is a few years ago.

I ditched church this week. There, it's out there. Ditched. no REAL reason, I just was really tired ( baby doesn't sleep through the night) and well, it's a special time for me IYKWIM (right?). Plus Jase had an early morning meeting that didn't end til 25 minutes before church time, so i spent my time getting the 4 litle ones ready and there really wasn't enough time for me to get ready....justification done.
So when church was over, i wanted to take pictures of the kids in their Easter best....but i didn't want to wait til good lighting because, well, you know, their outfits would be brown. And i'm too lazy to take em off and put em back this is what we got with noon day sun.....

Needless to say, we'll be doing a reshoot with better lighting. haha. notice the chicky being squeezed in the bottom picture and the other chicky running away as fast as he can. haha.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Pandora, Peas and Pulling teeth....

Of coarse I have to start this post with this amazing picture of the world's best baby eatting food for the first time. We were all so excited for him to eat, we all gathered round, then I started making dinner, Jase started cleaning and asked Jaden to feed him, Jaden got bored (as always) and let our piano teacher's 1 year old feed him...this is what we ended up with..... The kids got these fantastic suckers for Easter and I asked them if they could hold off for one week so I could use them in a photoshoot....Jaden figured if he took a picture with them, then he could eat such luck sucka, but cute pic.
Um, and now onto BIG news...Kam has lost 3 teeth within 2 weeks! She looks fantastic. She has one more wiggly one on top. I don't think she's made a dime off of any of them yet because she lost one, and her tooth fairy stinks!!!!

Um, just a picture of us girl's dressed up for bunco night last week. Jaden was LOVING being the photographer.
our pretty faces.....

Today I'll be FINALLY cutting squares for my picnic quilt that I wanted to make last summer, finishing Kam's 3rd quilt and starting one for baby pearcey. Getting a sitter for the whole day so we can go on a triple date with justy, lissy and my parents to see Date night. Can't wait!!!!!

Kayla is coming tomarrow with her fiance for some killer engagement pictures, going to go take newborn pictures in about half an hour of Trina's beautiful new baby, and now I'm off to take these kids to school! Life is GOOD! (other than my weight issues, but I'm down 4lbs this week...only another 16 to go in 6 weeks...ugh!)

Friday, April 2, 2010

being a mom...

Ok, so i have 4 kids, 6 months to 8 years. life is a little crazy. yesterday started out as a crazy day. I felt overwhelmed, and knew that jase was going to flag from 6-1, then had to go to work from 3-6, then had a seminar from 6:30-8. So I pretty much just looked forward to that 2 hours in the middle of the day that I got to see him and get help with things that were drowning me. Um, 1:45, phone call, "I'm in Flag, I'll be home soon".....2:45, phone call back...where are you?,...I'll be home for a second. Ok, meltdown on my end....excitment on his...ugh!
So I figured I'd keep drowning...but amazingly, things went great! The kids were great, they got things done, the baby was good, boston's messes were minimal, and I decided to do pizza since it was the last dinner before the biggest loser, and then before swimming suit season. So we all went to Mr. G's, got ice cream, then pizza, and watched planet 51 on their projector wall.
Um, but seriously, look at this baby....a And seriously, boston pushes the limits, but I just can't discipline him for too long. Yesterday morning he wanted more shake, so I gave him some, then he wouldn't drink it, so we battled it for a good 15 minutes, then finally, for his own protection, I put him outside (he chose)...and of coarse after I saw this face....
and this face....

I went out, hugged him, told him I loved him, and told him I'd take a drink for every drink he took...of coarse I faked it and he drank the whole thing. But sometimes I forget to think like a 3 year old and we BOTH get frustrated. He's awesome!
Anyway, back to mom life.