Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sunday, April 27, 2008

My hair...

Alright, so a few of you asked for more pictures of my hair. I just haven't been IN many pictures lately, so I decided to have Jado take a couple of me today to show it. I have to admit, it is REALLY fun being a short haired girl, but I feel so much prettier with long hair. I feel like I have a hunch back with short hair, and I miss being able to have porno curls....see below.... Ok, and the reason I look very sick in this picture is because A, it's Sunday and church is over, and B, I haven't eatten a freaking thing in 6 days!!!!! (the cleanse)
But back to the hair. It's not easier to have short hair for sure.
One of these days wheN I remember I'm going to take a picture of it right when I wake's a disaster! And when I had long hair, I could wake up and go if I needed to. If I did that now, peopel would think I was the neighbors rooster, blown up! Anyway, how I have it styled today isn't my favorite. Maybe after this cleanse Jase and I will have a mini shoot and I'll do it up cute, but on a different note...isn't that the cutest shirt EVER?! I love Target! I think I'm going to open one here in JOseph City...ha ha!!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mar. 17 2008K: Chompy, my mom said if you be mean to me, we'll put you in your place.

Mar. 16 2008J: Dad, let's go buy some gas to go 4 wheeling.Dad: It's Sunday buddy, we don't buy stuff on Sunday.J:Well, let's go steal some then.

Feb. 21 2008K: Can somebody help? There's a noxious baby here!!!

Pretty much Everyday for the past 2 months (1/30/08)K: "I don't have to listen to NOBODY! Nobody is my boss!"

Valentines Day 2008Dad: I think that's cool that you get to take valentiens to everyone in your class. Is there someone special that you're going to take one to?J: I don't want to talk about it.Dad: What's her name?J: Kinsley

My weekend in Hatch...

This past weekend we got to go to Hatch, NM. It's one of our favorite places to go. My best friend Jana's parents live there. They have a really fun house with a tennis/volleyball/basketball court, a pool, jacuzzi, 4 wheelers, a fun game room (with rock band!), and they own a HUGE ranch with cows, pecan trees, chile trees, and other stuff, of coarse with a river going through the middle. It's a dream! Anyway, the youngest brother (the one right by the mom) just got off his mission and we LOVE him so we decided to go to his homecoming. He's amazing. Just a little FYI, all 3 boys are pretty single, and all are VERY good looking, VERy awesome, VERY tall, VERY loaded, and come from one of my top 2 favorite families ever!!! The bro with the dark hair...farthest to the left, is freaking awesome! He talks like Kip from napoleon dynamite, and he's just a cool guy. I told Jase he's lucky I didn't realize this 7 years ago. ANyway, we had a great weekend with the Thurston family. And I was lucky enough to get to take some family pictures of them!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Papasita!

Awww, the world's best dad, and most of you all already know that...seriously you do. He's awesome! He's funny, smart, full of great advice, handsome, funny, creative, quick learner, motivated, funny, my kids favorite grandpa, and defaintely my favorite dad ever!!!! He's great! I am soo blessed to have the world's best dad as my dad. I didn't realize how hard they were to come by til I was older, but I truely know that I am so blessed to have the dad I have. He turned 67 today, which yes, means he turned 50 when I was 10 and everyone thought he was my grandpa, but which also means, they were tired of discipling by the time I came along, so I pretty much got whatever I want. And everyone knows I'm my dad's favorite. The baby usually is, especially when it's a girl. Everyone calls my little B little Paul here in town. I sure hope so!

Here's a run down on dad's exciting 67th birthday.... He stopped by like he does every morning on his walk with his dog (shibby the 3rd) and most of the time, he doesn't even come through our second door, just stops by to say hi, but today the kids ran up to him and hugged him and yelled happy birthday and said, "we wanted to make a cake for you but mom said you're on a diet". And then B took the dog's leash from him and took shibby on a walk around the living room. And then we came up later in the day to see if anything exciting was happening for his birthday, but no, he was eatting his usual gruel and watching CNN on the highest volume possible. But tonight my ma put a birthday party together for him out at the Rock Art Ranch with about 50 old people, mostly cowboy type and us. So of coarse, our little B decides to be really noisy since he's one of the only 3 kids there. But it was a lot of fun. Dad made up a couple of poems, Doyle Hansen did his puppet leg dance, and Brother Bradshaw sang a few songs. Top 5 cool things about my dad:

#1: He used to drag race as a kid!#2 He blew up a bridge with dynamite in Taylor and blew people's windows out for blocks...and to this day has NOT be caught...still has some of the people from up there wondering who ever did that. AWESOME!
#3 Won some major big award for his cowboy of the 8 seconds.
#4 Was voted "coolest" in his high school class. For real

#5 Raised 5 freaking awesome girls! Thanks dad!!!! I love you!
(oh, that's my sister randa in the pic....I didn't have any of me and my dad uploaded, and I'm too lazy to do it cute though huh?)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Wreck

Most of you remember 7 years ago I was in a pretty serious wreck. I decided since it was the lucky 7 year anniversary of it, and nothing bad happened that I'd be ok to write about it. I've never written about it anywhere, and although it wasn't a great event in my life, it was significant, so I figured I'd bettered write about it before I forget more about it.
It was 3 months after we got married. We had just gotten done moving into our apartment on Gilbert, between baseline and guadalupe (which are now condos) and Cara, Paul and myself were headed to the movies I believe from eatting with Jase and his family at the Hawaiian resturant that they loved to eat at. Anyway, we pulled in front of a car going about 45-55mph and got t-boned, and I was the t-bonee. And now I am the biggest freak about being buckled up, even bigger about kids being buckled up, but luckily back then I wasn't, so I wasn't buckled up or the damage would have been worse. The car hit me (the car we were in was so old it didn't have safety side beams) and pushed me over. It hit me in my big ole hips. fractured them, bruised up the whole right side of my body, crushed a few ribs, internal bleeding, glass all over in my arm and tons of internal conditions that I'm still dealing with. Now I'mg oing to write more about the actual wreck. I remember seeing the car coming to me and saying, well, a really ba "sh" word about 5 times in a row (bad I know, and I've only cussed once since then), being hit, the car spinning, hitting a curb, and stopping. Then I remember the driver of the other car coming and yelling at cara, not even asking if everyone was ok, just going off on poor cara. And I think Cara called 911..I'm not sure. ANyway, I seriously thought I was paralized. I could NOT move my legs at all. I was scared to death, covered in blood and a total mess. The paramedics came and got Paul out of the back. He was a little shook up, but I think he was fine, at least physically. They asked me to move my feet, I couldn't, so they picked me up took me to stretcher, cut my clothes off (so embarassing) to check everything, and the ambulance took me half a block (and asked $400 for that half a block) and that's where the air evac picked me up, which was awful! They kept hitting my legs with the controller thing and I was soo scared anyways...still hadn't cried. Then we landed, and they wheeled the stretcher into the ER where I was asked a billion questions. I gave them vonda's phone number and then I started crying. I felt soo alone, SO ALONE and scared. I remember the ER doc being able to tell and so he tried to distract me by saying I have awesome eyes...I had my brown contacts in. Anyway, through all of this they kept asking if I might be pregnant, and I told them we had been trying (for a week). They did tests, they all came back negative. Anyway, as soon as I saw the first person I knew, I really felt a lot better, and then when they told me my legs were ok I was about 10x better. So they wheeled me to a triage type place where my family came to visit me. My favorite was when Tamee came to see me. I didn't think I looked that bad...most of the blood was cleaned up, and most of my shizzle was internal so I did'nt feel like I looked that bad, but she passed out when she saw me...hit her head on some of my machines and stole my thunder! Thanks Tam. Ha, actually it was quite funny. ANyway, so I spent 2 nights in the ICU, and another 5 days in a regular room where I had those things on my legs day and night to keep the blood flowing and physical therapists came in and tried to help me start walking with a walker which I was kinda able to do by the time we left. I could go about 10 steps w/o dying. I also had the coolest gay nurse, John, who helped cheer me up everyday. He used to come into my room singing that song, crap what was it, something like "hey, it's all bout the money" or somethign like that. I can sing it in my head, just can't remember the words, anyway, I remember my digestive system shut down within a couple of days because I went from being REALLY active to laying in bed for days and he had to shove suppositories up my butt, I know, lovely thought, but he knew I hated it, so one day he said, "oh, don't worry honey, they melt in your butt, not in my hand". Aww, everyone needs a nurse like that. Anyway, the digestive system still isn't up and running. Jase swears he's going to get it going. For now, I rely on my friend Dr. Shultz. Ok, back to the wreck,...

Seriously I didn't know I looked this bad...look at how my sisters are looking at me! Looks like death!

Ok, so when it was time to go home, my dad kept trying to get pictures...not funny! And my mom was driving. And my mom is a scary my opinion, but she must be good because she lives in her car, and hasn't been in a wreck. But I was soo nervous the whole time. She took us to Randa's where we lived for about a month since I couldn't do stairs and we had just moved our stuff into a 2nd story apartment the day of the wreck and they woudlnt' let us out of our lease. PUNKS! SO Randa was nice enough to let us sleep in their extra room. Jase was working 12 hour days so Randa had to hel pme a ton. I had to go in a few times for cat scans and x rays and all that fun stuff, and then I was having major stomach pains, which we thought might be from the twice a day lovinox shots that Sam had to give me in my stomach (blood thinner), or maybe it was another reaction to the pain killers. I had to try 3 different kinds in the hospital because I kept throwing up, which they THOUGHT was an allergic reaction. Anyway, so finally we went to an internist to check out if my stomach pains had to do with the lack of bm's I'd had, so I went in, and did some test and she had me go to the waiting room, then asked me to come into her office because she needed to tell me something. I remember being soo nervous. She sat me down and said, "did you know you're pregnant?". And luckily I was so naive to what could have been bad about that situation, and I got so excited! So that night I went home and sat Jase down on my lap in the wheelchair and told him. He was excited too, and my sisters seemed excited, bu ta couple later told me that they were pretty nervous for the whole situation, and looking back now. I'm an airhead! I had 3 doctors tell me that the option of aborition is there...just because of the cat scans, x-rays, pain killers, and the actual wreck, all happening w/in the first trimester which is when the brain, body, bones, everythign develops. Kinda a crutial time. ANyway, I finally found one that didn't even give me that option, he just made sure that I saw a perinatologist once a week throughout the pregnancy. And luckily the pregnancy was amazing. The fracture in my hip bone didn't split anymore, which they were really afraid of with me being pregnant and the bone not fully healing beforehand, everything was great and the kid is freaking awesome! One of my top 3! Sometimes he says things and I think, "aww, that's just the painkillers kicking in", but he's a miracle baby! I LOVE HIM! SO after about 2-3 weeks in wheelchair, I started using a walker and crutches for a few weeks, and we went swimming every morning since it was the ONE thing I could do for exercise for a few months...which yes did wonders for the pregnancy....75lbs in 5 months!!!
As horrible and hard and painful as this time was in my life I am SO glad it happened. jase and I fought so much our first 3 months, and the day the wreck hit, our marriage has been just about perfect since. We really grew together from it. Jase was in the salt river canyon during the wreck, picking up our firs tjeep wagoneer that broke down in there, and he was called and told, and hurried to the hospital to see me. It was horrible! Anyway, the wreck taught me a lot of things. Humility, Forgiveness, Patience, and most of all Faith.
Randa's house

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A few more pics

Here is a pic from our girls trip! I love these girls! There was a Danica, Brittny and, crap, brittny's sister in law, forgot her name, but it was fun! WE need to do it more often.ANd this is a shot of our end of the table from the family dinner...yes I look rough, it was a chaotic day filled with running from one place to another, I forgot to look in a mirror that day...obviously. WE got a nice story at our end about how danica and brennon are crushing each other's dreams (not really, but cute story)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

How could I forget?!

About a month ago, Jase was asked by one of the other wards in JC to dress up as Zorro for a RS birthday dinner and go around taking roses to the ladies. I know, little tiny Jason as Zorro? He did great though. And I hate to admit it, but it was a bit of a turn on.
And last week, Boston dyed his hair...nice. It's not super dark, just a different color.
And as I was writing my "I'm going nuts with 3 little kids" blog post last's what my kids were doing: DISHES!
And this weekend we had a great time with the family. We got to have a girls lunch at Crackers (where I ate lots of things NOT on my biggest loser diet!), and we had a birthday dinner for the april birthdays. Um, I guess I didn't take a picture of everyone there, but alas, Dani and Burns:
And we decided to take a picture of all the REALLY old pictures in my dad's wallet. Most of them have been there for a good 15-25 years. Nuts huh? do you recognize me and my sisters and neices and nephews? I'm on the very top, you can't see it very well.
And of coarse I had my photo shoots. They weren't as hectic as I thought they'd be. And luckily, no ugly people!!!! First was Tyler. He's mine and my sister's friend's son. He was the 2nd boy I've done! SO FUN!!!!

Then I had an engagement shoot, which I'm sure there are lots of fun pictures from, but sadly I can't download them for a couple of days because my battery went dead mid download and I left my charger at my sisters. But here's one.
And another senior...

And my friend Audra's cute little boy needed some pictures for his baptism announcement! Isn't he adorable! I want a kid with blue eyes!!!!

And on our way home we stopped by Prescott, ok, not really on our way home, but we've wanted to go see my cousin for a while so we went over there. Prescsott is beautiful! Jase tried to talk me into moving there, but I'd only been there once a billion years ago....I wish he would have tried harder!!! ANyway, we went and saw one of my favorite cousins, Kody. She is in a rehab there and doing great! She graduates next week and she looks better than I've seen her in years! And she was actually sweet (she's usually got an attitude like me!). I'm so proud of her and excited for her to move on to a better part of her life. She's hopefully going to keep living in Prescott beacuse I want an excuss to go down there again! Love ya Kody!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Randa Jo!

Today is my sister Randa's birthday (the blonde). I've decided to do top 5. things I LOVE about (whoever's birthday it is)
1. I LOVE how great she is with style...home decor, clothes, any color coordinating. I always ask her advice on things when I go to decorate my house.
2. I love what a great mom she is. Her kids all LOVE her. She's fun and laid back and somehow keeps her house of 6 (all within 8 years of each other) under control.
3. I LOVE the fact that she let Jase and I move in with her right after we got married. I don't know if I could have done that. I was in the wreck and couldn't live in our 2nd story apartment, so she let us live with her for almost a month, and I will ALWAYS be so grateful for that. She pretty much had to wait on me hand and foot. I was in a wheel chair/walker, and Jase was working 12 hour days. It was a hard time for me, but I'm sure it was no peice of cake for her.
4. I LOVE to pick her brain. She's one of those people that is full of great ideas, no matter the case. If you're looking to start a business, buy a new outfit, build a house, throw a party, whatever it is, she's got great ideas!
5. I LOVE that she is so thoughtful. She can tell in my e mails when things suck, and she'll always write back or call with something to make things better. And she's good at knowing when someone is having a hard time. Sometimes people like to hid their struggles, but she's good to not let them know that she knows, but just to jump in and cheer them up!
I admire these and SO many more things about my sister "jo jo". SHe's a great example to me as a sister, mother and wife! Love ya Jo, happy birthday!!!!

So I'm doing another survey, I think I've done one like this before, but my answers change a lot, so just an update on my life as of April 14.
1. What time did you get up this morning? We slept in til 6 since we didn't get in until 11 last night.

2. Diamond or pearls? Diamonds I love strands of pearls but I love sparkley, hate diamond jewlrey though.

3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? Horton Hears A Who

4. What is your favorite TV show? The Office

5. What do you usually have for breakfast? Double Fiber English Muffin with smart balance light spread, occacianally I have some of the fruit/veggie shakes I make for Jase and the kids.

6. What is your middle name?Dawn, see I'm meant to be a hick small town girl.

7. What food do you dislike? Seafood, but thanks to my awesome meat master sister Vonda, I now like Salmon (she got me to start liking Pork...she's good witha da meats). And Mushrooms..yuck!

8. What is your favorite CD at the moment? Hillary Weeks "the collection" and dan in real life soundtrack.

9. What kind of car do you drive? POS Durango that barely made it to the valley this last weekend. We were this close to getting our 08 Suburban...they had delivery date set up, and we signed ALL the papers, and then they noticed Jase hasn't owned hsi business for a year yet. BLAH! We're making plenty, who freaking cares! Jase is dead set on getting one soon though. In the meantime, my vehicle of choice is a sweet red beach cruiser with baby carrier on front and rack on back for my lazy 4 year old.

10. Favorite sandwich? This amazing chicken panini at Red Robin! SO FREAKING GOOD!

11. What characteristic do you despise? Inconsiderate, cowardness (is that a word?)

12. Favorite item of clothing? My cheetah shoes, you all know that. Oh, and I also LOVE my abercrombie jeans from when I was 20 (my one year with a hot bod) that I ALMOST fit back into...yay!

13. If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be? Paris, Jamacia, or Maine. I know all very different, but I'm dying to go to them. Someday.

14. Favorite brand of clothing? Old Navy and Victoria's Secret...their pants ladies, get your little heads out of the gutter!

15. Where would you retire to? Maybe Maine?? Who knows. I'd love to retire to either a beach house or for a more safe and quiet retirement, a lake house where all my millions of grandkids come and visit and stay during the summer. Whatta dreamer huh?

16. What was your most recent memorable birthday? Aww, crap, this is sad, I can't remember any!!! I remember last year because I planned it and threw it...get on the ball Jase!

17. Favorite sport to watch? Whatever sport my kids are playing at the time....or if I'm there, NHL!

18. Furthest place you are sending this? cyber space

19. Person you expect to send it back first? Dumb question, I'll replace it, What is your biggest goal this year? To get back into size 8's and to instantly get pregnant afterwards.

20. When is your birthday? June 11

21. Are you a morning person or a night person? Morning, big time. I'm tired by 5, asleep by 9 or 10.

22. What is your shoe size? Was a 10, but this last year I moved down to a 9.5

23. Pets? a dog and 6 chickens, and a cat in June.

24. Any new and exciting news you'd like to share with us? I freaking wish! We almost have a new car...we're almost building our first home, I'm almost in the size i want to be in, and we've almost booked our hawaii trip....but for now...NOTHING!

25. What did you want to be when you were little? A make up designer for runway models.

26. How are you today? Ugly, but good. (seriously people trust me on the ugly part)

27. What is your favorite candy? Anything with marshmellow and carmel and chocolate.

28. What is your favorite flower? Gerber daisies

29. What is a day on the calendar you are looking forward to? April 3rd, the first weekend we've had in forever that we don't have to go somewhere!

30. What is your full name? Kristal Dawn Mulder

31. What are you listening to right now?Dan in Real Life playing in the other room...and quiet...the kids are playing in the mud at the neighbors!

32. What did you eat last Night? I ate at Red Robin with one of my favorite cousins, Kody in Prescott....I had that amazing chicken panini I spoke of earlier and a pomegranite blueberry limeade...yum!

33. Do you wish on Shooting stars? No, lame!

34. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Red, cause I spice things up and sometimes piss people off, but everyone likes red right?

35. How is the weather right now? PERFECT! Why the heck am I in here! It's about 77 degres, no wind, no clouds, no traffic, no congestion, no crowds, no noise, PERFECT!

36. Last person you spoke to on the phone? Probably my neighbor Amy or Tamee. I haven't answered the last 2 calls because I HATE PHONES!

37. Favorite soft drink?Henry Weinherts Root beer

38. Favorite restaurant? Eva's! and Texas Roadhouse...ok, and Chipotle and Cafe Rio

39. Hair color? Grey and brown.

40. What was your favorite toy as a child? a gizmo doll (from gremlins) and a barbie car...together.

41. Summer or winter? I love em both! but at the end of both of them, I'm ready to be done with them.

42. Hugs or Kisses? Depends on the day and the person. Usually kisses.

43. Chocolate or Vanilla? All types of CHOCOLATE, especially dark.

44. Coffee or Tea? Um, gross, hot chocolate, or frozen hot choclate in the summer (thanks for addicting me to it Tamee!)

45. Do you want your friends to email you back? again, let me come up with a better question: What do you wish you could do that you aren't good at? Sing.

46. The last time you cried? yesterday on my way home from a shoot I was listening to Hillary Weeks "be still" and it instantly made me think of my cousin Kody that I've been praying for for over a year. She's amazing!

47. What is under your bed? WHO KNOWS! Hopefully just our luggage.

48. What did you do last night? Drove home the long way from Prescott. We went through Jerome and now I'm making Jase take me on a weekend getaway there. That town is AWESOME!

49. What are you afraid of? Death – having my family members die, esp. my children and on a smaller scale, flying, cruises, and big dogs.

50. Salty or Sweet? Sweet

51. How many keys on your key ring? 2

52. How many years at your current job? 3 as a photographer, almost 7 as a mutha.

53. Favorite day of the week? Friday, Jase only has half a day and then we've got the weekend together!

54. How many towns/ suburbs have you lived in? Please name them. Joseph City, Thatcher, Show Low, Gilbert, Tempe, Mesa, Coppell, Irving, Surprise and back to Joseph City.

55. Do you make friends easily? NOt really, but I'm good at keeping them.

56. How many people will you send this too? Again, new question: What's your favorite thing about your spouse? I love how laid back and optimistic he is. We wouldn't have lasted a year if he were any different.

57. How many will respond? again, new question? What's your favorite pasttime right now: either exercising or snuggling with Bossy.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

being a mom of little ones...

Ok, so I'm going on week 3 of no nothing. The closest thing I get to a break is the 2 hours of volleyball when the kids are somewhat being watched by the babysitter...usually more stressful than if I had them myself. They were out by the road this week, running around the church last week, and in the gym bugging me the week before. I NEED A FREAKING BREAK!!! I had it planned last night for my mom to watch the kids for ONE hour while I made a nice dinner for Jase and we ate it on the trampoline (it's the thing that I drew this week from our "improving your relationships" jar...Nerdy I know, but I love it, we've been doing it for years). But then alas, Jase is over half an hour late home, I get too frustrated and call the whole thing off, and show my frustration til I fall asleep that night. Am I the only mom that has these types of days? I would say moments, but I know everyone has their moments, I'm talking about my 3rd day of going nuts! And I had a few last week. I find myself being short with my kids, not being fun or playing games with them. I don't answer ANY phone calls, and I try not to go out into public for fear of running into someone I know (which is inevitable here) and having to fake happy! blah!!!! I even put on Hillary Weeks every morning full blast, and then in the afternoon I belt her stuff out on the piano, and I sit down and read an article out of the Ensign, I do a billion exercise videos, I relax and read one of my home decor magazines, I do most anything that I've read reduces stress...the only solution I see to this...remove the children. I feel like they are constantly fighting, don't listen to a word I say, try as hard as they can to make the house as messy as possible, and complain about every meal I make. And I know they aren't that bad, but the mood I've been in lately has made everything seem 10x worse! I'm really hoping this weekend will be a good thing. I'm a little nervous because I have 4 photoshoots, and 2 planned meals, which will both be a well needed break from the kids. But there are so many other things I want to do while we're down there since we haven't been down in over a month, and we won't go back for a long time, probably longer than a month, and I know there will be no time, and I'll stress again. Seriously does someone have a solution to stress? Especially when a couple of weeks ago, I felt sooo content and relaxed and like I had things under control. I was at my utter most happiness! Honestly! It was wonderful. Alright, now I need to go see what my kitchen looks like. In the 5 minutes I took to write this, I heard 2 fights, 3 things of food/beverage hit the ground, and the baby chicks went crazy for a minute. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Chicken Catcher

So since the death of Ariel a couple of weeks ago, we've told K that she can't hold the baby chicks til they get bigger, and since she knows she is blessed with major chicken catching skills, she catches the neighbors full grown chickens....EVERYDAY! it's hilarious! She loves them though. SHe's such a huge animal lover. She goes over and pets the 2 horses and baby colt eveyday, she walks up to ANY dog, ANY size and pets it (scares the crap outta me) and she has been begging for a kitty forever...and as you all know the 3 rules we made when we got married, 1. no minivans, 2. no trailers ,and 3. no cats. I think we're going to break one. Our neighbor said his cat is having kitties in a couple of weeks, and they can give us one 6 weeks after birth...that's about Kam's birthday...we have no choice really. I know, we're turning into Old McMulder's farm. We even talked with our neighbors the Millers about getting a joint cow to put in the land between us. Ha! Anyway, I'm sure the new cat's name will be Ariel, so any suggestions/advice before Arield joins the Mulders? Other than kill it?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Don't do it...

Boston has been implementing a word a week into his vocabulary. Last week, it was hot. He now says hot before he even takes a bite of anything. It's really cute. His word this week is pooooob (poop). I always say, "let's go change your stinky poop". So now he says poop. Again, adorable. But what I am warning you to NOT do, is google image poop. You all know I like to find pictures to go with my stories, and I thought, you know maybe a little doggie poo in the yard, or something less gross. No, the first images are full out gross, just don't do it.
Second issue today...I don't know if anyone else does Denise Austin's workouts, but I LOVE THEM! I've been doing them since December, and I love them! I have 16 of them tivoed, so I do a few a day (they are only 20 minutes when you take out the commercials), but Lifetime just cancelled her! After years and years...GONE! BLah! (I know Koe, this probably makes you happy since you hate her and Rachael Ray, but seriously, take rachael off, I agree, she's annoying, and has no talk show talent!) Anyway, glad I have a bunch tivoed, but still, a very sad day for me...oh, I guess it happened last week, but you all know I'm slow to catch on.

Monday, April 7, 2008

A reminder

Just thought I'd post this picture of my abs to remind you guys that the biggest loser challenge starts today!!!! You can still sign up today. Just let me know. And for those of you that signed up...sorry you're going to lose.

how lucky am I?!

This past Saturday I had a senior/sisters shoot in Snowflake. And you all know senior/sister shoots are my FAVORITE! I've done 5 of them, and I LOVE THEM! And seriously, look at how gorgeous these girls are!!!! The two with darker hair are older and married, and the cute little blonde is the senior. And seriously, this first picture is hardly photoshopped. She's that beautiful!!!My friend Anna did a shoot in a field with cows and I figured, I'm in hick town Snowflake, Az....I've gotta give it a try.