Monday, April 7, 2008

how lucky am I?!

This past Saturday I had a senior/sisters shoot in Snowflake. And you all know senior/sister shoots are my FAVORITE! I've done 5 of them, and I LOVE THEM! And seriously, look at how gorgeous these girls are!!!! The two with darker hair are older and married, and the cute little blonde is the senior. And seriously, this first picture is hardly photoshopped. She's that beautiful!!!My friend Anna did a shoot in a field with cows and I figured, I'm in hick town Snowflake, Az....I've gotta give it a try.


Jamilyn said...

I swear Ive got to have the prettiest Cousins!!! The pictures turned out great. I cant wait to see you this next weekend for you to shoot us!!!

ron&melz said...

You are SOO talented!! Thanks so much for doing Kimi's pictures for us and also for including her sisters. I can't wait to get the CD and see the others. I'm sure I'll have a terrible time trying to pick between them all.


Alona said...

These are fantastic. Susannah and I should do some more of those . . . in Arizona sometime!