Monday, September 23, 2013


Yup, I'm a blogger again.  Actually it was late last Tuesday night, my plane landed in Dallas around 11, on my drive to my friends I checked my e mails and texts and found a message from a friend telling me to join this weight loss challenge because the sign up deadline was at midnight....I read this at about 11:30.  So w/o reading too much into (except the entry fee of coarse) I signed up...only $15, I can do that.  Then the next day I ask her when weigh in is...and she tells me there's no weigh's one of those crazy points system things that I've been trying to avoid for over a year.  Disappointed, yes, but with week 1 down, I'm realizing I'm feeling much more accomplished at the end of each day.  Still not down a pound, but I was in Dallas last week people...DALLAS!  The delicious food capital of the country!  But I get a point each day for blogging, and I'm so glad, because I'm so behind.  Not much to blog about today, except that i'm a little depressed today. I have gotten ditched everyday for the last 4 days by whoever I had plans with...two today!  And of coarse, most were legitimate reasons...especially todays, my hair dresser friend had to go to the dr. for  an ulcer!  But other reasons were, "hanging out with someone else (yes, it was family, but still!), forgot about a previous meeting, and then I actually don't know the other's excuses.   I may just be becoming boring...or mean?  I have been trying to work on both of those things this year, so I'm hoping it's just  a run of lame luck.  Lots of plans for the next 2 days...we'll see how that goes.
And I'm probably just super depressed about it right now because the last ditcher was Jase....for our lunch together!  He comes home for lunch maybe once a month, so I was so excited, sweet potato fries were in the oven, salad was ready, and grapes were frozen...then he calls....can't come.  Boo!  I do however have these two lovelies that don't bail on me (mostly because I still 100% own them!)

They are just so lovely! I know that everyone's kids are lovely, yadda yadda, but seriously , mine are just the coolest, funniest, sweetest, most amazing in the world!!!!!!  Ugh, sorry, that all sounded like the mom's that annoy me to read their blogs, but my kids will read this someday (I hope) and they need to know that I honestly KNOW they are the coolest!!!!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Best Saturday!

The last few months we've been SOMEWHERE every weekend, which makes for hard catch up during the week...with housework, with school work, with weight management, with EVERYTHING!  But this weekend, we're home, and no major plans!  Just canning, canning canning!  Which has turned out to be a really fun family event!  Jaden and Boston did over 40 apples each with the slicer/peeler/corer, Pearce has helped turn the food processer on and off, and Vivian helps taste test.  Jase and I do the cooking, and cleaning.  So far we're down 6 containers of peach freezer jam, 10 bottles of regular peach jam, 15 bottles of applesauce, and a few bottles of apple butter.  We'll finish up more apple butter and apple pie filling tomorrow, then pear stuff on Tuesday! I really want to stay home every weekend now.  Needless to say, the house is trashed form the 2 littles wondering, and the kitchen is sticky sticky from floor to ceiling, but we've had a great day, and no major drama!  Got Pandora blasting Walt Disney tunes, the house smells like apples and cinnamon, and a few pantry shelves slowly filling up!  Best day ever!!!!

Friday, September 20, 2013

California Day 1

First I have to post this picture that I forgot to post from August.  I love when Pearce and Vivian hang out in the cupboards.  Especially when I'm looking all over for them and they dont' answer, and then I spot them there. (yes, it's always that messy)
 Now onto our awesome family trip this year.  We went to California and Utah.  The first day we hung out at the beach.  We weren't planning on getting in this time, that's why Vivian is wearing a dress and playing in mud.  should have known.

 These two boys are still a little ocean shy, which makes it a lot easier on me.  Boston will go out, but not too far, and Pearce will only go out if he's holding someone's hand, but they still love the beach more than anything.  They love teasing the edge of the water, playing in the mud, collecting shells and chasing birds.
 Boston and his huge muscle posing.  A not so rare siting.  He's just freaking awesome!

 This guy's happiest place in the word is the beach.  I love just watching his face all day when he's boogie boarding.  He's the best!

 And Vivian wasn't scared of the water unfortunately, until she got knocked down a few times.  Then she realized she needs to hold hands.  Good thing she has such a great big brother to help her.
 The 7 of us!
I loved this day at the beach.  It was so much fun to watch Vivian enjoy the beach for the first time, and to watch Pearce and Boston chase the birds with true intent of catching them, and of coarse, to see my older two not only get along all day, but actually want to stay close to each other all day.  They never wanted to stray too far from each other when they were out on the waves.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Adams Family Cookout 2013

So, we're the only ones from my mom's family that show up for this each year (maybe once every 3rd or 4th year another family member shows, up, but it's rare), but I'm sure glad we go.  It's been a great memory for my kids to meet their 2nd cousins and play around in the White Mountains.

 Vivian of coarse just likes to be with Grandpa....

 But she had a great time exploring.

 And sitting at my feet whining...

 Boston was the usual pyromaniac.  Him and his little buds liked throwing things into the fire and they made some pretty awesome marshmallow sticks.