Friday, September 20, 2013

California Day 1

First I have to post this picture that I forgot to post from August.  I love when Pearce and Vivian hang out in the cupboards.  Especially when I'm looking all over for them and they dont' answer, and then I spot them there. (yes, it's always that messy)
 Now onto our awesome family trip this year.  We went to California and Utah.  The first day we hung out at the beach.  We weren't planning on getting in this time, that's why Vivian is wearing a dress and playing in mud.  should have known.

 These two boys are still a little ocean shy, which makes it a lot easier on me.  Boston will go out, but not too far, and Pearce will only go out if he's holding someone's hand, but they still love the beach more than anything.  They love teasing the edge of the water, playing in the mud, collecting shells and chasing birds.
 Boston and his huge muscle posing.  A not so rare siting.  He's just freaking awesome!

 This guy's happiest place in the word is the beach.  I love just watching his face all day when he's boogie boarding.  He's the best!

 And Vivian wasn't scared of the water unfortunately, until she got knocked down a few times.  Then she realized she needs to hold hands.  Good thing she has such a great big brother to help her.
 The 7 of us!
I loved this day at the beach.  It was so much fun to watch Vivian enjoy the beach for the first time, and to watch Pearce and Boston chase the birds with true intent of catching them, and of coarse, to see my older two not only get along all day, but actually want to stay close to each other all day.  They never wanted to stray too far from each other when they were out on the waves.

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Unknown said...

so fun!!!! spontaneous family adventures are the BEST!! !:)