Tuesday, December 4, 2018

A hole

This Christmas season I feel a hole.  WE don't have our Jaden with us for 8 weeks and we are all feeling empty.  He does like to get everyone worked up, but he also likes to make everyone laugh. He means so much as the oldest sibling in our family.  I hope and pray that our family can make the changes we need to to be happy and peaceful and to want to all be together.

 This squirt barely fits in our kitchen sink.  He likes to take baths, so I figured I'd throw him in the sink every once in a. while to save water.  He wants a bath at least once a day...and sometimes he gets one when he doesn't even ask for one during this post potty training time of his life.

 About a month ago we went up to the ski resort to get passes for the year and we decided to go check out the quakein aspens.  They were beautiful!