Friday, December 30, 2011

more sledding and the Polar Express....

The next day right after our huge, huge breakfast, in which Boston made the world's biggest double decker breakfast sandwich, then realized it wouldn't fit in his mouth so he said to Jase, "I made dis for you!", the kids wanted to go out and sled some more.  Someone made a pretty cute little igloo in our hotel play area.
 Jase sent the boys down first, Pearce LOVED IT!!!!!

But he was ok with just going the one time and then playing with stuff after that.

 And then it was Kam's turn. I LOVE her face on this one!!!

 That night we todl the kids we were going to go look at lights in Williams, then we told them we thought we'd check out the old trains at the train station....then finally when we got in line for tickets, they realized we were at the Polar Express.  They were all super excited.
 Pearce and Kam waving good bye to the people waiting for the next train.
 First off we got our tickets punched by the conductor...
 ugh, I hate when you think you look decent one night then you see a picture.
 Pearce was loving everything...he kept playing peekaboo during the down time on the train.

 Then FINALLY  we got to the north pole!!!!
 and picked up a certain someone
 Pearce LOVED Santa and getting his own bell and EVERYTHING!!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011!!!!

Christmas morning was great.  nothing too crazy, although it did start at 3:30 with Jaden whispering loudly, "it's Christmas!"  Until one by one, we were all awake.  So we put them all in the bathroom so they could come out youngest to oldest as always.  Some sweet family bought a toy for each of the kids and boston LOVES his race does Pearcen...probably just because Boston was by it and he does whatever his brothers do.

 And Jaden was given a really cool R/C car which happened to be on his list of 4 things!
 Jase and Kam played with Jaden's Bey Blade arena....
 And sweet Pearce got a snowglobe  (free door prize on black friday at JC Penny) in his stocking and loved it!! Loved it so much he slammed it against the wall and broke it, but here is a sweet moment before that....

 After the kids played with their toys for a bit everyone bundled up and headed outside.  We didn't get any fresh snow while we were there, but there was plenty to play and sled in.  Pearce was nervous about it all the first day so he stayed RIGHT by his 2nd mommy Kamryn.
 Jaden was SO ready to play in the snow.  I'm just so glad that their snow clothes have fit them for 3 years in a row now.  They are both wearing size 10, but their snow pants are both size 6.  haha

 We went across the street to a froze over pond and found lots of geese...that Kam chased away.
 Of coarse Boston found someone else's snowman remains and tried to build his own....for about 45 seconds.  h

 This is just my good looking husband keeping kam and pearce away from the pond even though he himself had a hard time not getting on the ice....even with signs all over saying "caution thin ice"
 My sweet little Kam
 and ever handsome Jaden.
 They decided to make snow angels, and so of coarse, boston wanted to join in.....don't think he quiet understood how it worked....
 And pearce just ate snow everywhere we went.  I can't  imagine the junk he got down with it.
 Ah, this is my favorite picture of the entire trip!  I LOVE these guys!!!
 Ok, this is a favorite too!  Weirdee!!!!

Christmas Eve 2011

This year we decided to go to Flagstaff for Christmas since my parents went out east an Jase's family doesn't do family Christmas.  It was fantastic!!! We got a hotel on priceline, loaded up our new little car with a tree, a few presents and a few kids, everyone was cram packed.  LIttle faces poked out every once in a while.  And we headed up to the snow!  We had a gift card for Fry's so we bought some food, free breakfasts at the hotel, and we figured we'd do cheap dinners....every night except Christmas Eve.  We treated ourselves to Little America.  Afterwards we got by this fake Santa for a quick picture.  Of coarse this one ended up a little centered around one obnoxious 5 year old...
 And even though that 5 year old has the world's biggest smile in this one....everyone is looking at the camera.  ha!
 And of coarse, we had to get a picture with the fake penguins.
 At our hotel we put up a Christmas tree...

 And hung the stockings with care (5 year old refused to NOT be in these)

Luckily the couch made into a bed because there were only rooms with one bed.  but still, every night we had someone in the little Queen sized bed with us.  I don't think I've slept in a week.


Last week was Jaden's 10th birthday.  TEN YEARS OLD!  That's huge.  That's double digits....a decade....entering the tweens, ugh!  ugh!  ugh!
Luckily this one is awesome.  He does show mild signs of tweeniness attitude, but it's very mild.  Since he does his friends party in April, we did a cousins party (probably the same crowd that will be at the party in April) on his birthday.  They all were out of school and Jaden just wanted to go to the dollar theater, eat pizza and play.  So we did.   
 I took all 7 to the dollar theater, then back to the Bollwinkles for some pizza and play time at the park.  These kids are all awesome!  I love em!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE these little cousin!  I wish the Jones's  could have been here, especially Garrett, but I love that they all get along so great.
 Group Hug!!!!!

alright, top 10 for my 10 year old.

10. I love that you love your brothers so much.  And most of the time, I'm glad they copy whatever you do.

9.  I love that you are the world's healthiest kid eater.  When we all went crazy at the hotel smorgasbord of a breakfast, every morning you just had either biscuits and gravy (one) or a bowl of yogurt.  And you know to just have one candy a day.  You're awesome!

8. I love that EVERY year you ask for a huge huge hershey's bar for your stocking...and it lasts you weeks.

7. I love that you're not a tv kid.  That you LOVE to be outside, weather it's to play ball, hike, camp, ride your bike, or just go on a walk, you LOVE to not be sitting on the couch.

6. I love that you've always been a friend for Kam.  Although you guys probably fight as much as you play nicely, you guys get so bored w/o each other, and always have.    I hope it's always like that.

5. I love that the first thing you wanted to download to your Nook was the book of Mormon.  

4. I love that Scouts is your favorite part of the week.  You've made so many cool projects and done so many cool activities and have such awesome friends in scouts.

3. I love your awesome hair.  I really wanna see you with a nice short cut again, but I do understand, the awesome light brown hair with perfect shiny natural highlights and the flick of the head swoop, it's yo thang!  Love it!

2.  I love how emotional you are.  Used to drive me a bit crazy, but now I know it's because you care.  and I LOVE that you care.  I love that you show/tell me how you feel and that you know what it feels like to love and to be loved and to hurt and to be hurt and that you know it's better to love.

1. I LOVE LOVE that you LOVE ME!  I love that you love your mom.  I feel like we've always had a mom son bond and I hope we always do. I love that you'll cuddle with me on the couch on Sundays and that you'll wear the soft pajamas to lure me in.  I love that you ask what's wrong when I have a crappy day.  I love that you hug me!!!! I LOVE YOU JADEN ROSS!!!!!!!