Thursday, March 31, 2011

Most perfect baby, Goals & Privacy...

Pearcius got a new hat in the mail yesterday and he LOVES it, he didn't wanna take it fact, he wanted to add glasses and anything else he could.  He was hilarious!

and yup, private again.  Don't know if you saw the "dork" comment by "dave"...but I don't know dave...dont 'know him.  Freaks me out.  So private again.

Now to my kid's latest.  We made them all sit down and write down their top 3 things that they'd like to save their money up for because they get so close and then start spending their money on JUNK!  And it drives us nuts.  So Kam wrote:
1. Unicorn pillow pet 
2. bit cupcake pan
3. just dance 2

Jaden wrote:
1. A bunch of jelly beans (to double his money in the quarter machine at Jase's cinic)
2. Donkey Kong Country Returns Wii game
3. Crap, ok I forgot the other, I'll write it here when I remember.

Uh, now on to Boston...sweet sweet Boston's list:
1. A pocket knife
2. a bebe gun
3. A bomb

Wow.  Where did I go wrong????? 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How does Kendi do it?!?!?!

So you maybe remember Kendi Everyday blog that I said I love in a previous post. She's an adorable girl, in her 20's that is my fashioni idol.  She dresses soo cute.  She also does a photoshoot everyday...with her husband taking the pictures.  And she looks very natural and adorable and beautiful in all of them.  

Part of the story #2:
I have a fabulous friend Mel....her and I dress each other.  Yes, we dress each other.  She lives in Texas, but whenever one of us wants to buy an article of clothing, we send the other one a link to the site and say, "whattya think?" and we honestly vaule each other's opionions because we stink at dressing ourselves.  So over the last few weeks I've been getting some new peices for my wardrobe as approved by Mel.  Today I had to show her the ones that I impulsivly bought at Target on Saturday to see what she thinks needs to go back and what can stay part of my life.

you mesh the 2 parts of the story, and this is what you get...

How does Kendi do it?!
(oh, I do have to give kudos to my awesome hairstylest, Delores for coloring, cutting and styling my hair today...she's awesome)
 What the heck is this face all about?  I mean to look at something in the distance in awe...instead it came out...."ooooh, that girl's got toliet paper coming out of her skirt!"
 and my sexy and her sexy are way different...mine is more cheap bar circa 1983 sexy.
 this picture is my FAVORITE.  Boston has been getting wet rags and wiping EVERYTHING in our house for days.  Seriously he will do it for hours at a time...including the cars, the doors, the fridges, everything...and as I was doing the one leg pose to show each shoe with the outfit...he was busy wiping the bottoms of the other shoe.  Awesome!
 "whoops, my shoes don't match" but look at that adorable cleaner boy!
 my fake laughter sucks! Whatever....WHATEVER KENDI!!!!!
This was the last picture....entitled "el Tigre"  I was done...Done...and mad and annoyed and done!

 This is Jase's fashion shot of me walking out towards him.  Um, my lips are smaller than ALL of my kid's lips.  Ugh!
 Ok, and I had to put one normal face, even though my smile is all gums....this is a picture of I am....well, as we all know, it's usually in workout clothes, glasses, and hair slicked back into a pony tail, but as of March 2011, this is the dressed up Kristal Mulder...all pictures completely uneditted, except fashion shot as some color pop.
Now I'm going to share a few things about me so the kids can know me as of March 2011

if I have 10 extra minutes here are a list of things I will do with it:

1. Order this DRESS for my girl's trip. I need it....but I hafta wait til I can use my 35% off and NOT pay shipping.

2. Put my amazon order in...the cart is always full, just needs to be ordered.

3. Lay down on my bed and play a premier training video...gotta be the best premier jewelr in northern Az...wait, I'm the only one.  haha.

4. Eat something from my secret stash...feel guilt then shove an apple down, yup, all in 10 minutes.

5.  Change poop...yes, by choice...I can't stand the smell walking around me all day.

6. tricept dips or planks

7. Facebook chat Mel or skype if I'm feeling crazy

8. look for kid's crafts in Family Fun magazine or look for home ideas in better homes and gardens...or you know what, go through any of my 20 magazines that I'm subscribed to.  this happens often...especially if the extra 10 minutes is after the kids go to bed.

9. update my netflix queue.

10. Bury the phones so I dont' hear them ring.

11. lock the kids outside and eat a bowl of cereal.

12. blog

As per request....

Alright sister, here you have it...mmy little boy Kamryn.  He looks just like her...but a boy. I love it.  I need to get a picture of his pigeon toes before Jase fixes it. It's hilarious.  I just snapped these this morning as he wsa playing.  He's a big car boy. He loves em.  But he loves nothing more than going to his room, finding a blanket bringing it to me and having me wrap it around him and holding him. I LOVE it.

 This one had to be extra big because he's soo soo handsome...notice the pacifier dirty ring in most of the's bad on the right side. (his right)

todays going to be a good day


Woke up at 5:30...ahhh
straight to the computer to check everything
Turbo Jam
Wake up the kids
breakfast and morning routine
kids off to school
lay pearcen down
turbo scuplt
pull jaden out of school
check main on our way outta town to see what the exciting yellow slip is for
go get our hair done
highlights??? maybe
a little lunch date with my 9 year old
come home, put him back in school
Get Old Navy package from FedEx guy
go set up for tonight's enrichment
come back
hopefully feel cute enough to take pics in the clothes options for girls trip to send to Mel so she can decide what I need to bring and what I need to return to the store because it was a horrible impulse buy
Jase leaves for work
Play with Boss
Start dinner
put kids in car
make car a fun and safe place to be
Leave kids in car while attending enrichment because all of my babysitters were invited to enrichment or playing softball.
Attend enrichment
go home
eat honey

It's a good day!

Monday, March 28, 2011

This weeks goals...

1. no sugar...other than tonight's s
trawberry shortcake and
 Thursday's show dessert and
 Saturday's 2 show desserts.

2.  Plan and Schedule the next tv awards show. 
 I miss planning my life around them 
and watching the dresses and hair...
it's been about 6 years since
 I've watched one....what's become of me?!

3. get rid of grandma flab arms

4. Practice handwriting with my older 3
 We all have the suckiest handwriting. 
 It's the one subject my kids always get
 B's and C's in!  ugh!!!!

5. Check facebook only 3x a day. 
I know, you're thinking, "wait
you check it more than that now?"
yes, I'm sure you have a fault too
focus on yours!

Slow Motion + Old Age = bed

Alright, so I have FINALLY gotten back to working out.  It's been great. I LOVE working out, not to lose weight, but to eat.  I feel less guilt about eatting cookies when I work out, so I work out.  And as everyone knows I LOVE turbo jam and zumba.  My 2 skinny friends Jessica and Melissa both have been doing Turbo Fire and are both in love with I barrowed it for 3 days and did 3 of the DVD's a day and am IN LOVE.  I just did regular turbo jam today and felt like I was going in slow motion.  Very slow motion.  I NEED FIRE!

A friend of mine wrote that sneezing takes on a whole new meaning after you've had babies...which is true....but mine isn't a little pee.  Mine is a fart!  A sneeze is always accompanied by a fart anymore.  I'm like the old people you talk with that fart mid conversation and make nothing of it.  I thought I had another 20 years before this came...guess not.  WARNING TO ALL IN THEIR TWENTIES: Fart sneezing CAN happen as early as 31.

Between working out, cleaning, sitting at the computer, getting up to make some lunch, going back to the computer, I'm ready for bed.  it's 11:01am.

A friend posted on facebook taht her 19 month old is counting.  My 4 year old just started counting a few months 18 month old only says "liar" "hello" "mama" "dada".

We strive to have incredibly good looking underacheivers.

And now my thoughts on bloggers.
I love blogging...been doing it for YEARS, since 2006. I love it. I love reading old entries, especially ones from right after my babies were born or right after the older 2 kids graduated kindergarte.  It's fun.  It's fun to read back about the way I felt during certain times in life and how I think it's hilarious and completely insane now. I love it
There are bloggers that blog to show off their lives. Or that blog to pretned they have the dream life....we all know em...I know we do.  There is one that MANY people have confronted me about, so I know we all know at least one.  I REALLY want to know if I seem like this person. I feel like I put a lot of the crap from my life on here, and I hope to stay true to life.  Here's the Mulder "how it' is" for now

I am sitting here....looking just like this:
(taken fresh AS I wrote this)
Did one workout today, hoping to do another before lunch...hence the skanky tank top.  But yes, I blog with baby on my lap, and yes, I'm wearing my glsases, no make up and it's almost noon. That's how glam my life is.
I' ve deep cleaned my kitchen for the first time in 2 months, I'm on my 4th load of laundry, I laid my baby down at his usual nap time and even though tI could hear that he wasn't asleep (not crying, just playing) I left him in there for 2 hours while I worked out and cleaned and facebooked.
I have probably already spent an hour of my day on facebook. I did order my sister in law's birthday gift off amazon (her birthday is tomorrow...sorry Lissy, but your CHristmast gift is IN THE MAIL TODAY!...yay!!!), I got all 3 kids on the bus...HUGE accomplishment....yes, 2 of them were wearing the same jeans they had on yesterday, and none of them have had a shower/bath since Friday, but they were on time!  
My kids are both average students in their class, by far the best looking (ok, that was a little showy offy, but they are),  My husband and I are both balding, I only hang out with real life friends maybe 3x a month, and my tolet hasn't been scrubbed in 2 weeks. 

There.  Does anyone envy the magical life of me?
Yea, I didn't think so.
Even though I would...cause I couldn't be happier.  But I just read someone's blog...I don't even know her in real life (add that to my wasteful stalking someone I don't know), and her life is all sunshine and rainbows....NO WAY IT IS!  NO FREAKING WAY....ok, maybe, she doesn't own any kids yet, so maybe....but you know what....she can suck it!  Ok, no, that was wrong. I vowed yesterday to not talk trash about those I envy.  Rambling?  yes.

Til tomorrow.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Plumber always has leaky pipes

Ok, so no pictures again. I'm lame.  I even really wanted Jase to snap a pic of me today because I was so proud of my outfit that I threw together. I bought some new fantastic shoes yesterday and I went through some old clothes and put a funky little number together for church...inspired by my new favorite fashion blog, but I forgot.  I forgot. I'm lame. I have SO many things on my mind right now that my mind is kinda...blank! So I'll go off on a few random things.

First, lately, my life is full of, "crap, I shouldn't have done that"...followed by, "I'm sorry"s.  I'm a super impatient mom, that wastes too much time photoshopping and facebooking.  Both being remedied THIS WEEK...done photoshopping...and no more, other than baby Stratton's pictures for many many months.  And the facebook addiction.  That'll take a bi tmore work, but I can do it.  My poor kids...I snap so quick when I'm busy with a million things.  Poor Jaden gets the grunt of it all because I always expect so much of him, but he's amazing.  He's seriously amazing. In fact, I need to interview him again. maybe I'll do that this week.

Next, names. Ok, so we didn't ever look up what our kid's names meant until we went to name Boston and Jase's mom said something about the name having no meaning, so I looked em all up.  Here we go:

Jaden: God has heard.  (probably so true because he probably prays for protection from his horrible parents all the time)

Kamryn: Crooked Nose
Um, really?  they couldn't come up with something better than that?  That's so dumb...and her nose is PERFECTLY straight!

Boston: Boltoph's town.
That's fine...we knew it, we had it coming.  Lame

Pearce: Stone or Form of Peter.
Peter and Pearce sound NOTHING alike...why?  why would someone get so lazy to do that???

Jason: Healer
Wow, dead on

Kristal: Not found on hardly any of the sites, but on one it meant Crystal.

Ok, so I'm going to redo this

Jaden: Coolest person you know

Kamryn: Sneaky sweet

Boston: Naughty Sharer

Pearcen: Practically perfect in every way

Jason: Healer

Kristal: slave

There, there's that peice of wisdom for the week.

In other news, my diet today:

Apple, red potatoe hash browns


So you're thinking,t hat's good.  Good job.

After church, busted up honey mustard & onion sourdough pretzel peices, pumpkin pie, a few bites of a chicken salad wrap, kiwi.

I was ONE pound from my goal weight yesterday...ONE POUND!  I won't be getting there anytime soon.

Ok, back to my shoes. I'm just so in love with them.  It's been a while since I've bought new shoes because I've really been super satisfied.  you all remember my awesome cheetah shoes from 4 years ago..I still wear them ALL the time, and between those, my Nikes and my flip flops and slippers, I'm satisfied, but when I saw these, I knew I needed them or I'd never be satisfied by another shoe again!!!  Here they are....prepare yourselves....


alright, there really isn't much more to me right now.  two older boys locked in their rooms for bad sabbath behavior, Kam running around playing with her newly peirced ears (which we'll talk about later), pearcen asleep, Jase talking to his mama on the phone, and me, blogging, but now going ot make banana bread and regular bread...WHITE regular bread...I know, Satan has his hand in this one people!

Good day.

Friday, March 18, 2011

18 magical months

When Jaden and Kamryn turned 18 months they instantly knew to start getting into things, making messes, throwing tantrums, being sneaky, etc....
Boston didn't. Pearce....has!  He will be 18 months in a couple of weeks and he's getting a head start.  It's awesome!  He still LOVES to cuddle more than anything, but oh my gosh he can squeal!  It's soo high pitch and so loud, and I know he hates that we laugh when he does it, but it's hilarious (most of the time).  Today I tried to take a picture of him.  This is what I got....

Whatever.  He was obviously having a bad hair day anyway.   We'll try again on Sunday.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A little something about each of em...

Ok, just a little something about each of the kids as of today

Jaden - loves to be outside. He's always wanting his dad to take him out to shoot the bow and arrow or to go 4 wheeling in the jee. He's also quite the reader this year. Very unexpected, very cool.

Kamryn - She's in love with wearing boots.  She's now wearing them with her shorts everyday, but asking first if she should wear brown or pink. She also LOVES to paint and color, and thanks to grandpa, has a new found love for the dollar store...since he gave her a dollar, and kept taking her there, and buying her stuff, and telling her to keep her dollar...I'm wondering if she'll like the dollar store once it actually takes her dollar.

Boston - Last night as we were reading the mouse and the motorcycle as a family, boston went in and got Jase a drink of water (he didn't' ask for it) and asked if I needed one. I told him no, thanks, I'm ok.  Then he put the blanket over everyone and it didn't fit over to where I was sitting, so he asked, "you want one too?".  I told him, it's ok.  Then he cuddled in with Jaden.  He is always trying to make everyone happy.  Probably part of the reason I almost jumped out of my car this morning after I dropped him off because I wanted to go punch out a 1st grade little girl that pushed him when he tried to stand in the 1st grade line.  Almost made him fall over and did make his jacket fall off.  PUNK!  She's lucky I couldn't see far enough to see who it was.  But she had short dark, all 1st grade girls with short dark hair...WATCH IT!

Pearcen - Happiest baby ever still.  He loves to cuddle.  About 10x a day he brings me his blanket to put around him and then hold him.  He also likes to take items from one room and put them in another though. And his little scream when he doesn't get what he wants, KILLS me right now with this headache.  So he's still super sweet, but I think the perfect is wearing off.  Sad.

Guess it's time for another one.

Jase - Still lives on the phone, computer and at his clinic.  He did get his jeep stolen for a bit this week. Kinda exciting.

Me - Keeping busy with photoshopping, jewelry parties, cooking, cleaning, organizing, kids, trying to sleep and trying to work out.

Everything is good.

Monday, March 14, 2011

celebrations & jubilations

Today is day 21 of waking up with a headache (usually I get one small one a year)
I celebrated.
I drank sparkling grape juice, took a tylenol and did some turbo scuplt for the first time in a  month

I want to celebrate with a crunch cone.

Also today to help celebrate I got a huge box of awesome jewelry. I like being the jewelry lady. I'm sitting here in yoga pants, knee high argyle socks, a tank top, glasses, scary hair, but I look good, because I have on some amazing drop diamond earrings.

The wedding is over. I did it. I was a wedding photographer.  And as soon as I do my other booked wedding in July, I'm done. ha!  It was fun, and exciting and I didn't do as crappy as I thought, but the stress, and the having to be here at a certain time, then there a few hours later, and now the weeks of sitting at the computer doing photoshop....ugh!

My kids are cooler than anyone's. I think that needs to be said.

No pictures.  Boring post.

Funness coming soon.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gross, Messy and Beautiful

Let's start with the gross.  I am sucked at blogging lately and I've been wanting to do it so much, but have no time. Here's my daily schedule....and going on day 18 of it...  Wake up, but don't get up, cause I can't open my eyes because of my killer headache and major drainage til about noon.  Take a shower if it's been 3 days. Photoshop my brains out til my head pounds. Figure out the jewelry orders, which I am getting better at.  And of coarse the inbetween time, raise 4 kids, cook and clean.  So that's why I look like this (this pictures is SOOC, completly untouched...obviously) just thought I'd post a pic of me not done up so people can realize that the done up me is a once a month, sometimes twice a month thing.
And now, onto the messy.  On our way out of town a few weeks ago we had to stop by Golden Spoon, and I was feeling generous so instead of all the kids split a mini, i let em all get their own smalls.  HUGE mess.  Boston only ate about half of his and then he was done, but I think half of the half was on his face.  It was amazing to watch. (again, SOOC, forgive me, I'm photoshopped out right now)
and now to the beautiful.  I've been able to do 2 amazing shoots lately.  The first one I can't publish anywhere online because it's for an album cover.  Can't wait.  But it was so fun.  And then I did a bridal shoot (with the groom) this last saturday for a wedding I get to shoot this saturday.  They are a barbie and ken couple....seriously just beautiful!  This shot was taken seconds after he saw her in her dress for the first time.
During this shoot I started freaking out, "oh my gosh, oh my gosh, come here come here" because from where I was standing I saw a 10 year old boy stripping naked and jumping in the reflections pool at the temple.  We were all busting up and everyone (a few weddings and lots of shoots going on) were a bit in shock.  Security came, and tried to get him out, but he put himself right in the middle of the pool and started blowing his bubbles that he brought with him.  About 3 minutes later a middle aged guy in sweats came running around the corner and asked us, "have you seen a boy about 10?" We all said, "y up, naked in the pool" and he said, "that's what I thought".  Then he started running and yelling his boys name...that's when my laughter and shock turned into super deep sadness. I don't know if it's because we've been watching too much Parenthood (a lot of the issues on that show deal with a kid that has Asburgers Syndrome) or if it's because of a personal issue within our own family, but I couldn't not cry.

What a thing to see at the temple though.