Monday, March 14, 2011

celebrations & jubilations

Today is day 21 of waking up with a headache (usually I get one small one a year)
I celebrated.
I drank sparkling grape juice, took a tylenol and did some turbo scuplt for the first time in a  month

I want to celebrate with a crunch cone.

Also today to help celebrate I got a huge box of awesome jewelry. I like being the jewelry lady. I'm sitting here in yoga pants, knee high argyle socks, a tank top, glasses, scary hair, but I look good, because I have on some amazing drop diamond earrings.

The wedding is over. I did it. I was a wedding photographer.  And as soon as I do my other booked wedding in July, I'm done. ha!  It was fun, and exciting and I didn't do as crappy as I thought, but the stress, and the having to be here at a certain time, then there a few hours later, and now the weeks of sitting at the computer doing photoshop....ugh!

My kids are cooler than anyone's. I think that needs to be said.

No pictures.  Boring post.

Funness coming soon.


Lisa said...

We should do lunch and celebrate afterwards with a crunch cone! I love those things!

kristal said...

Let's do it. Is El rancho's dollar taco day wed???

Anonymous said...

Kristal, I am sorry to hear about the headaches, that's awful. I used to get them almost daily. I finally figured out what triggered about 95% of mine, it was caffeine. Then when I still got them, I realized it was any diet drink that had the artificial sweetners in it. Obviously that is not the cause of yours since you guys are the health king/queen. I hope you figure out the cause soon and can rid yourself of them. I love you and miss you Kristal!