Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A little something about each of em...

Ok, just a little something about each of the kids as of today

Jaden - loves to be outside. He's always wanting his dad to take him out to shoot the bow and arrow or to go 4 wheeling in the jee. He's also quite the reader this year. Very unexpected, very cool.

Kamryn - She's in love with wearing boots.  She's now wearing them with her shorts everyday, but asking first if she should wear brown or pink. She also LOVES to paint and color, and thanks to grandpa, has a new found love for the dollar store...since he gave her a dollar, and kept taking her there, and buying her stuff, and telling her to keep her dollar...I'm wondering if she'll like the dollar store once it actually takes her dollar.

Boston - Last night as we were reading the mouse and the motorcycle as a family, boston went in and got Jase a drink of water (he didn't' ask for it) and asked if I needed one. I told him no, thanks, I'm ok.  Then he put the blanket over everyone and it didn't fit over to where I was sitting, so he asked, "you want one too?".  I told him, it's ok.  Then he cuddled in with Jaden.  He is always trying to make everyone happy.  Probably part of the reason I almost jumped out of my car this morning after I dropped him off because I wanted to go punch out a 1st grade little girl that pushed him when he tried to stand in the 1st grade line.  Almost made him fall over and did make his jacket fall off.  PUNK!  She's lucky I couldn't see far enough to see who it was.  But she had short dark, all 1st grade girls with short dark hair...WATCH IT!

Pearcen - Happiest baby ever still.  He loves to cuddle.  About 10x a day he brings me his blanket to put around him and then hold him.  He also likes to take items from one room and put them in another though. And his little scream when he doesn't get what he wants, KILLS me right now with this headache.  So he's still super sweet, but I think the perfect is wearing off.  Sad.

Guess it's time for another one.

Jase - Still lives on the phone, computer and at his clinic.  He did get his jeep stolen for a bit this week. Kinda exciting.

Me - Keeping busy with photoshopping, jewelry parties, cooking, cleaning, organizing, kids, trying to sleep and trying to work out.

Everything is good.


Alona said...

I miss you guys! What's the stolen jeep story? Real sorry about your headaches! :(

amanda.hall said...

You guys sound like so much fun. Wish I could hang out with you. Maybe we need to move to J-town. Also... I agree... it's time for another one!

The Austin Family said...

Love your posts, Kam had her pink boots and shorts on at my house the other day!! So cute, I'd wear them everyday too if I looked that cute. She's awesome...