Wednesday, December 30, 2009

BabyPP's blessing day

So we had the blessing, baptism and CHristmas all in 3 days...and it all went fantastically!!!! Here is the first picture after the, I look like I could eat Jase and Pearce! so I snapped my hot red shoes off of my pastey white legs and....
wahlah! A more normal looking picture.

Still a bit overexposed, but a very happy little family. Pearcen was a gem the whole day. He's a great baby!!!!

Luckily I was able to snag his sweater blessing outfit off of e bay last minute. I love it! It was soo snuggly.

Um, and on the less snuggly side we have Kam, Tess and Magg.
Back to snuggly. Pearcen with his new cousin Alina. She's 2 weeks younger. She'll be blessed this weekend in the valley, can't wait!

Tamee and I have pictures of Kam and Garrett together in their blessing outfits and Kendal and Boston were blessed about the same time.
Tam and I nursed the babies in the only quiet room in the house then snapped these. They wouldn't stop smiling. We tried to do some sultry sexy picture, but they just wanted to smile the whole time! I LOVE THESE BABIES!!!!

especiallly this one....


Ok, this year for our cousin's gift exchange we did a new thing that Tamee's inlaws do. We had everyone get in a circle and whoever is giving gets up and says what they love about the person they are giving to, and then give them a hug. I LOVED IT! So cute. This is Kam giving to Garrett.... Garrett giving to Jaden. These two were pretty much in contact all week...usually wrestling.

Jaden giving to Zane (I have always hoped Jaden would be like Zane...he's an awesome kid!)

These 3 girls were soo anxious for their turn. I loved it.

These two are hilarious together. THem and Caitee are the 3 cutest cousins ever

Sweet Garrett Jones giving to Kam. She LOVED what he got fact, all of the cousins did...all over my carpet. haha. I told Tamee to get her playdough though. I love the stuff.

Boston had tess's name...he wasn't very good at saying what he loves about her, but we know he loves her.
Mmm, nothing sweeter than these 3...especially when they start fighting over a's hilarious!

Nothing sweeter than these 3...especially when they try and argue and can't come up with comebacks.

Somewhere we have a picture of these 5 when they were babies. They were all born within a year of each other. I hope they are always as tight as they are right now.

Seriously? I just delivered him, and now he's baptised?!!!!

Jaden was baptized this past Saturday. I've been planning his baptism for about a year now, but I can't believe it's already happened and over with. It was PERFECT! He was pretty nervous, I could tell. Grandpa talked about baptism, Uncle Bill talked on the Holy Ghost and Kayla sang "in this very room". It was great!

Just a sweet pic of Pearce with Grandpa

Speedy Christmas...

This Christmas was set up about 3 days beforehand and we shopped 6 days beforehand...never again. I didn't enjoy it AT ALL! And poor little Pearcy got all mixed up in the garbage of it all... Boston didn't mind though. The dude got killer pj's, bike and bike wear, he couldn't have been happier!

J dawg got lots of $10 gift cards for different places and 3 different types of rockets. He scored.

Kam got an awesome bike, and fun arts and crafts stuff. No picture because my camera battery died, we're lame.
This was boss man when he first came out to see Christmas. (notice Gramsicle on the side figuring out her camera. haha.) Uncle Justy and Aunt lissy spent Christmas with us! I think they should make that a tradition. Especially since this year was lame. They spent most of their 3 days up here helping us clean and fun at all. We owe you guys big time. Thanks soo much!!!!!!!

Probably #29 as far as fun for my last 30 Christmases, no wait, #30

PJ Eve

ALright, so like most people, we open up the PJ's CHristmas Eve. ANd sadly, the Pj's I wanted for Jaden, I never got my hands on. I searched and searched, and then it became too late to buy them off of ebay, so I kept searching in Flag and still didn't find them, so we got him killer monster slippers....and he was just as happy. But no one, I repeat..NO ONE liked their gift as much as Bossmandu liked his Spongebob footies! He doesn't sleep in them, but the second he wakes up everyday, he puts em on. And to our surprise, one of Kam's BFF cousin's Maggie got the same PJ's for Christmas. I'll post matchy pics soon. This was before they opened them...they were super excited.
And last year we forgot, I'm still in shock that he left anything, to leave milk and cookies for Santa. So this year we left Laura's famous chocolate chip cookies and chocolate milk. Santa was pleased.

Then off to bed....

on the 10th day of Christmas...

So as all of you know my most happiest thing about the new house is the kitchen. I LOVE that it's about 9x bigger than our last kitchen, and I love that it's all white! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! And Jase loves that it has a dishwasher, I love that we don't have to use a seperate timer for the oven, it comes with one, I love the garbage disposal, and the fact that we don't have to use the top of the chest freezer as counter space...there's plenty here. I just love it! So I was super excited (even though we weren't even close to moved in) to have our first baking day in the new kitchen. We had a lot of fun. (ignore that I didn't do my hair or makeup...I haven't all month) Then the next day Jase took Jaden on a surprise trip to Disneyland for his 8th birthday. They both had a ton of fun. Jaden got to chose what he wanted to eat for his birthday. Breakfast, IHOP, lunch-hotdog, dinner-IHOP mac n cheese. Yea, pretty gross. ANd his favorite things about the trip were Pirates (which they went on 5x) and sleeping in the car (it's as big as a hotel for them). This is a picture of him when he drove shirt, half asleep and covered in sugar!

Ok, and while we were unpacking the house, this was my favorite glimps of the new room with my white christmas tree. I love red and turquoise and white! LOVE EM!

This is just a ridiculous picture of PEarcen with Santa Yoda

And my vice...Mt.Dew. our builder drank a few of these a day, and he left this pack in our fridge....I drank one a day for about 7 day...yesterday I had a flippin headache ALL DAY! And I WANT MORE MT.DEW! I have not been a soda drinker since HS, and even then it was Sprite and RootBeer. I had a short phase of Mt. Dew, but now I crave them again. UG!
I will post more(better)pics of the house as soon as we get it fully set up. WE're about 3/4 done unpacking.

Merry Christmas to you from the Red, White and Blue

The kids had their Christmas program a couple of weeks ago and it was adorable! They have both been going around the house singing their songs for over a month, and it was SO fun to watch them. This was Kam's first school performance, and Jaden's first school performance that he didn't look absoultely miserable through. He smiled and sang the whole time. yay!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

wow...uh, wow!

Ok, I don't have a whole lot to write. I waited today for the marble man (to give me a shower door), the door man (to bring my front door) the Qwest guy (to hook up my phone and internet) and the cabinet guy (to fix a couple of my cabinet doors and my countertop) one came.
Last night, I slept alone with my 3 youngest in my new house...oh wait, I didn' sleep. My dog kept barking and growling at the door every other hour...not to mention our temp front door has a big draft on the bottom...big enough for a large snake to sneak in. yea, so I got off the couch this morning at about 5 to set up my Christmas and instantly felt like this..... Yet we got all 3 Christmas trees set up. hopefully tomarrow the 4 repair guys will all get here (through the snow) and I can get the rest of Christmas set up because Thursday I have to go to Flag with my mom to buy food for Christmas dinner, Pearcen's blessing luncheon, and this guy's baptism dinner....

yea, he's gettin baptized. Ug! Seriously, where did the last 8 years go? I remember when he was my newborn, and now I've had 3 since then. What the heck? It's his birthday today and Jase took him to Disneyland yesterday. For his birthday breakfast, he wanted IHOP, for lunch, a hotdog, and for dinner, IHOP again for some mac n cheese. haha, gotta love birthday meals like that. Another fun fact about this guy...he pulled a "Christmas Story" stunt last week. A fellow classman told him to stick his tonge to the flagpole...he did...he came home with a bloody tongue. I love him!!!!!
Um, so the house pictures are coming soon. They'll be Christmasy for now...but you are ALL invited to my house warming party in January. Seriously I've been waiting WAY too long to own a home to NOT throw a house warming party!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Um, holy mood swings batman!

Ok, so this morning I woke up, feeling great, the kids were all getting along, pearce was content so I could pack. Seriously complete happiness in my heart. And then I did something I haven't done in a while....I looked at other people's blogs. And usually I feel like a pretty together mom, but after looking at a lot of my friend's blogs, I realized, I've turned into a slacker, redneck mom! I thought Kam looked cute today because I did her hair. I almost...ALMOST mind you, bought jaden new pants because all of his have holes, but then I thought, "you know what, a lot of kids don't even have pants, pants with holes are fine". And poor boston...I'll be taking picture of his face and the last 3 meals that are on it. Luckily we change and clean the baby, but he's new to the group, before long he'll be unwashed, with crazy hair in holey clothes. What has happened to me?! Seriously, no wonder I Hardly blog anymore, I never take pictures because my kids look like white trash. I blamed my slackingness on having a newborn, and now I've been blaming it on the move and the holidays, but seriously, I'm jsut a slacker. UG! I seriously feel like a failure. I've got amazing kids, and amazingly good looking kids and I barely feed and bathe them. What the heck?! Goal for the week...get jaden pants, clean boston's face, do Kam's hair everyday!

It's time!!!

We are FINALLY moving into a house of our very own! WE're all super excited. After 14 rentals and 10 years of not owning....we get our first home! This week has been chaotic. I've realized that I haven't done the usual holiday traditional stufff, makes me sad. WE did pick a family and do our secret santa, and we will do our baking on Sunday (I hope) but we dont' have a tree or presents, we don't sit around and drink cocoa and watch the christmas movies. I'm REALLY hoping next week we'll be able to cram it all in. Jase is taking Jaden on an 8th birthday road trip to the happiest place on earth next mon-wed. So hopefully we can get everything set up during that time and enjoy the last half of the week. Speaking of Jado, he lost another tooth....he's just awesome! ANd I realized I haven't been taking enough pictures of the new guy. I know I've been taking time to enjoy him. Usually while I'm out going nuts, like I'll stop in th emiddle of Target and just chat with him and make him coo for a while, or while I'm vaccuming, I'll hold him and make him laugh. I really really like this guy. Here are a couple pics from this morning....

He looks so absolutely bored an depressed in this picture... it's hilarious...bah hum bug!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Early December CHaos

Ok, these last couple of weeks and next couple of weeks are CRAZY!!! Last week we went to the town's Ping Pong Drop. Kam got 2 peices of candy..which is what she said she wanted before it started. Jaden got a peice of candy and a brand new soccer ball, and Boston got a small toy and an awesome scooter thingy. It's the kind you sit on and turn the wheel back and forth to go. The kid's haven't gotten off of it all week. It's awesome! Then we went and got pictures with Santa Clause...not sure when we'll get those. And Jase did a fund raiser that night for a girl here in town that got attacked by pitbulls. He did really good. I'm glad he does stuff like that. As for me, I"ve been packing and cleaning and figuring out thigns with the new house. WE got electricity today so we'll be moving in on Friday. I can't wait! I love it!!!!! Also this week I FINALLY won a biggest loser challenge!!!! I know it's because I haven' thad time to eat these last few weeks. I haven't heard my stomach growl as much as it has in the last few weeks ever. I never let myself get was weird. I lost 21lbs in 8 weeks....just another 20 to go...blah! The next challenge starts Jan. 4th! Can't wait!
In the meantime...TRYING to enjoy the holiday season. I think the past few Christmas's have been to chaotic or emotional for me to look forward to this one. Or maybe it's the fact that we don't have a single Christmas decoration up because of the move. I play Christmas music EVERY morning in hopes that "ll get in the mood, but in reality, can't wait til Jan. To start fresh...with everything. With being a better parent, with being content at home, with losing this weight that causes me such sorrow, with being a kinder wife, and espeically with being a happier person. Those are a few of my 2010 goals. I know, they're huge, but I can do all of them. I want to completely change my focus on life to positive. I know it would help me be a better mom, kinder wife, more content at home and possibly at losing weight. So watch out everyone, you've all been used to pessimistic, sarcastic Kristal...2010 will bring, probably still sarcastic Kristal! Wish me luck...I"ll need it.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


So nothing is going on, cept our house. We've been painting for a couple of days, but I think after we go do touch ups this morning it'll be done. The biggest pain in the butt idea I had was.... I hope the stripes endup a little bit straight....pain! But I love the colors we picked in all of the other rooms...or I guess the lack of color in some....

And I Love love love our doors!

Yesterday we got a little help from Boss man. While he was left unattended for about 2 minutes, he got a pencil and went along every wall in Kam's room. I repainted the pink stripes, but haven't done the white yet. Thanks Boss!