Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Early December CHaos

Ok, these last couple of weeks and next couple of weeks are CRAZY!!! Last week we went to the town's Ping Pong Drop. Kam got 2 peices of candy..which is what she said she wanted before it started. Jaden got a peice of candy and a brand new soccer ball, and Boston got a small toy and an awesome scooter thingy. It's the kind you sit on and turn the wheel back and forth to go. The kid's haven't gotten off of it all week. It's awesome! Then we went and got pictures with Santa Clause...not sure when we'll get those. And Jase did a fund raiser that night for a girl here in town that got attacked by pitbulls. He did really good. I'm glad he does stuff like that. As for me, I"ve been packing and cleaning and figuring out thigns with the new house. WE got electricity today so we'll be moving in on Friday. I can't wait! I love it!!!!! Also this week I FINALLY won a biggest loser challenge!!!! I know it's because I haven' thad time to eat these last few weeks. I haven't heard my stomach growl as much as it has in the last few weeks ever. I never let myself get hungry...it was weird. I lost 21lbs in 8 weeks....just another 20 to go...blah! The next challenge starts Jan. 4th! Can't wait!
In the meantime...TRYING to enjoy the holiday season. I think the past few Christmas's have been to chaotic or emotional for me to look forward to this one. Or maybe it's the fact that we don't have a single Christmas decoration up because of the move. I play Christmas music EVERY morning in hopes that "ll get in the mood, but in reality, can't wait til Jan. To start fresh...with everything. With being a better parent, with being content at home, with losing this weight that causes me such sorrow, with being a kinder wife, and espeically with being a happier person. Those are a few of my 2010 goals. I know, they're huge, but I can do all of them. I want to completely change my focus on life to positive. I know it would help me be a better mom, kinder wife, more content at home and possibly at losing weight. So watch out everyone, you've all been used to pessimistic, sarcastic Kristal...2010 will bring optimistic...um, probably still sarcastic Kristal! Wish me luck...I"ll need it.


Jessica said...

You're so awesome! I haven't had time to think about my new year goals yet, but I think I might steal some of yours!

I am so excited you are moving in Friday! LMK when I can come check out the new place...and if you need help cleaning- I love to clean!

Kristal said...

haha, I think you've cleaned enough of my rooms for a lifetime when we were kids.
WE're having a huge house warming party in Jan...you'll be there! But you can come check it out whenever, after Friday I'll be there for the next 2 weeks straight!

Burgess said...

You better invite me to the house warming!!! (Please...)

And those are great goals. I need to make a few of my own.

Jarrod & Lisa said...

Don't change too much! Very good goals. I need to work on some of the very same things.

The Gearharts said...

Hey that's great about the weight loss, and 20 more that's nothing after you did your hundred last time! I've lost 53, no about 22 more to go, and blah to that (guess I can sympatheize with you). Congrats on your new house too, I apparently have also been out of the blogging world for awhile. Your little man is super cute and getting way big!