Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Speedy Christmas...

This Christmas was set up about 3 days beforehand and we shopped 6 days beforehand...never again. I didn't enjoy it AT ALL! And poor little Pearcy got all mixed up in the garbage of it all... Boston didn't mind though. The dude got killer pj's, bike and bike wear, he couldn't have been happier!

J dawg got lots of $10 gift cards for different places and 3 different types of rockets. He scored.

Kam got an awesome bike, and fun arts and crafts stuff. No picture because my camera battery died, we're lame.
This was boss man when he first came out to see Christmas. (notice Gramsicle on the side figuring out her camera. haha.) Uncle Justy and Aunt lissy spent Christmas with us! I think they should make that a tradition. Especially since this year was lame. They spent most of their 3 days up here helping us clean and fun at all. We owe you guys big time. Thanks soo much!!!!!!!

Probably #29 as far as fun for my last 30 Christmases, no wait, #30

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