Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Merry Christmas to you from the Red, White and Blue

The kids had their Christmas program a couple of weeks ago and it was adorable! They have both been going around the house singing their songs for over a month, and it was SO fun to watch them. This was Kam's first school performance, and Jaden's first school performance that he didn't look absoultely miserable through. He smiled and sang the whole time. yay!


Allred's said...

So cute. I like that Cam wore something a bit different. She really stands out. You have to tell me though, what is with Santa? Is he extra tall, or just in a super small Santa pant, I can't figure out what the blue is on the bottom of his pants??

kristal said...

red white and blue. It was a patriotic Christmas program. haha. And yea, the kids were supposed to come wearing red, white and blue, and most wore red, obviously, and I guess hardly anyone wore white, so Kam really does stand out.