Wednesday, December 30, 2009

PJ Eve

ALright, so like most people, we open up the PJ's CHristmas Eve. ANd sadly, the Pj's I wanted for Jaden, I never got my hands on. I searched and searched, and then it became too late to buy them off of ebay, so I kept searching in Flag and still didn't find them, so we got him killer monster slippers....and he was just as happy. But no one, I repeat..NO ONE liked their gift as much as Bossmandu liked his Spongebob footies! He doesn't sleep in them, but the second he wakes up everyday, he puts em on. And to our surprise, one of Kam's BFF cousin's Maggie got the same PJ's for Christmas. I'll post matchy pics soon. This was before they opened them...they were super excited.
And last year we forgot, I'm still in shock that he left anything, to leave milk and cookies for Santa. So this year we left Laura's famous chocolate chip cookies and chocolate milk. Santa was pleased.

Then off to bed....

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