Wednesday, December 30, 2009

on the 10th day of Christmas...

So as all of you know my most happiest thing about the new house is the kitchen. I LOVE that it's about 9x bigger than our last kitchen, and I love that it's all white! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! And Jase loves that it has a dishwasher, I love that we don't have to use a seperate timer for the oven, it comes with one, I love the garbage disposal, and the fact that we don't have to use the top of the chest freezer as counter space...there's plenty here. I just love it! So I was super excited (even though we weren't even close to moved in) to have our first baking day in the new kitchen. We had a lot of fun. (ignore that I didn't do my hair or makeup...I haven't all month) Then the next day Jase took Jaden on a surprise trip to Disneyland for his 8th birthday. They both had a ton of fun. Jaden got to chose what he wanted to eat for his birthday. Breakfast, IHOP, lunch-hotdog, dinner-IHOP mac n cheese. Yea, pretty gross. ANd his favorite things about the trip were Pirates (which they went on 5x) and sleeping in the car (it's as big as a hotel for them). This is a picture of him when he drove shirt, half asleep and covered in sugar!

Ok, and while we were unpacking the house, this was my favorite glimps of the new room with my white christmas tree. I love red and turquoise and white! LOVE EM!

This is just a ridiculous picture of PEarcen with Santa Yoda

And my vice...Mt.Dew. our builder drank a few of these a day, and he left this pack in our fridge....I drank one a day for about 7 day...yesterday I had a flippin headache ALL DAY! And I WANT MORE MT.DEW! I have not been a soda drinker since HS, and even then it was Sprite and RootBeer. I had a short phase of Mt. Dew, but now I crave them again. UG!
I will post more(better)pics of the house as soon as we get it fully set up. WE're about 3/4 done unpacking.


K Bailey said...

I recently saw wedding pics and the color scheme was turquoise and red....let me see if I can find it.

Shawna said...

You've inspired me to do something fun with my bedroom. Our room is where the clutter ends up. When we don't know where to put things, they go in our bedroom and stay there until i get sick of looking at them. Urgh.
You've inspired me. I'm doing something with it. I mean, you have a freaking gorgeous tree in your room. How fun is that?!