Monday, May 16, 2011

Girls weekend, fathers sons and closet campout....

This last weekend was Father's Son's campout, so of coarse, Kam and I got to have a fun girl's weekend.  Friday night I had a jewelry party, but Kam wasn't feeling well anyway, and then Saturday I had a jewelry show in Show Low for just an hour, so Kam helped me with that and then I asked her if she wanted to shop, go eat, go see grandma, go home and paint fingernails (we painted toenails the night before), plant our flowers and watch a movie....she said she wants to shop!  So we went to JC Penny, Walmart, Big Lots and Stage.  We only bought a tire for boston's bike, a graduation plane for Boston, a candy bar and a jacket, but she loved it.  Then we got ot go pick up grandma and go grocery shopping and to sonic., then come home and plant our bigonias in the front yard and water the garden...which we stunk at because a big mean dog came to our yard and we went inside and left the water running for a few hours til the boys got home.  haha.  
It was an awesome weekend though, and I can't wait til next year's girl's weekend.
The boys had an awesome time too.  Jaden said his favorite part was shooting 22's, bows and arrows and bebe guns.  Boston liked when everyone took a nap so he could eat the entire package of fig newtons and oreo fudgies.  Pearcen was just laughing when he got home.  They were all the dirtiest boys ever!!!!
They were all super super tired too.  They fell right asleep after their baths.


RACHAEL said...

of course they fell asleep in the CLOSET! where else would be comfortable or make any sense?! no where. i loveeeeeeeeeeee your faMILY!!!

Jerry and Charlsye Miller said...

Oh i can't wait to have a girls day. It sounds like you guys had so much fun.

Alona said...

Fun! You are so stinkin skinny!