Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fell behind

Ok, so things have been so busy around here lately....mostly because of enrichement night, or relief society night meeting night.  Whatever the new name for it is.  Pretty stressful....especially when people are coming to me saying stressful things then saying, "I didn't want to say this around  _______ because i didn't want to stress her out" they bring it to me.  It was chaos!
 This is just a random picture I shot of Kam.  She's soo stinkin cute I wanna eat her up!

And Jaden's latest thing is he likes to push the big tonka dump truck around in his "trails" out in the dirt lot by our house.  The other day he found it's a lot more fun if you put a baby in the dump truck.

 And here are Boston and Kam's valentine cards.  They both wanted me to make them one after they saw Jaden's....and now Jaden is ok with his.


Mary Ann said...

You are awesome! Seriously.. adorable kids.. always busy doing something cute! That baby of yours is about the cutest thing in the world! I love that Jadin pushed him around in the dump truck! haha

j&krosser said...

I love your outfit! ALso how fun that Jaden likes to push his bro around in the truck, that is awesome!

Koi said...

I love your shoes and how tall they make you. Too funny. So will you be coming down for Dani's shower?