Sunday, February 13, 2011

Random's and Now's

,Ok, some random things about all of us....
Jason got all A's and B's through college and grad school.....not in high school.
Kristal ran a truck through her parents kitchen when she was a kid.
Jaden was called from thousands to go down to the arena at Dollywood to do a chicken chase when he was 3...the other 5 or 6 kids that were picked all ran out when they said 3, but there was no I ran down and he was sitting there crying because he was too scared.  Saddest thing ever!
Kamryn got the older two boys ready for church this morning...including brusing their hair.
Boston had the largest head of the thosands of babies that my midwife delivered...2nd biggest weight.
Pearcen has many requests for adoption...sorry, he's stayin here.

Us, as of now.
Jason is completely excited about how well his new business is starting out.
Kristal is still nervous.
Jaden is running on his 2nd year of being in love with Bon Jovi Songs.  He knows every song from the Crossroads album....but right now he's singing "search, ponder and poop, are the things that I must do" on his way to the bathroom.  wow.
Kamryn wants to bake everyday....sadly, we just about do.
Boston likes to eat all day long...luckily he's a healthy eatter.
Pearcen...the same...he lives in his highchair.

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