Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Praying for death

So, 3x in my life have I prayed for death.
1. Delivering a 19" head naturally
2. Mastitus after Pearce.
3. Last night

Last night on the way home, Jase and I were catching up after 3 days of not seeing each other.  Things were going fine.  The kids were watching a movie. The car was completely covered in stuff.  Just a typical happy Mulder road trip....until.....

about began.....every few feet of elevation, it got worse, and worse, til I was crying my eyes out, having my head stuck in a pillow, praying for death.....what was it you ask?  what was this horrible, praying for death trauma all about?


I get a headache every 2 years, and they are usually normal ones. Not ones that feel like someone is shoving a shish-kabob skewer right into one tiny area....and the skewer is dipped in acidic acid and then after a few feet of elevation, re dipped, and so on, until my whole head felt like a flaming ball of inferno!

(not an exaggeration)

But alas, My sweet Mr. no drugs, stopped and bought me drugs, which did take a good hour to kick in, but finally took the edge off.

Still woke up with a little headache today, but I'm appreciating it's calmness.

A special thanks to everyone who was praying for those in pain at that moment.  It helped.


Cathy said...

I really hope that your headache goes completely away and never comes back!

RACHAEL said...

you poor THING! glad you're feeling better :)

Jaime said...

Oh I feel for you! My hubby and I went on one of our first date nights in one felt like AGES last night, only to be cut short because the bottom of my inner stomach was about to be on my plate. We came home and I went and laid in my dark room and prayed hard to either die or let it go away. I was like you and never got them, but lately they have been a little more frequent-like twice a year rather than every couple years. So I'm hoping this isn't a trend that continues to rise. It was excruciating, I literally feel for you!

The Giles Files said...

That's what my migraines feel like. I have been getting them since I was 13 years old (hormone fluctuations seem to trigger them). I would rather be in labor than have one of those headaches. I have learned to have my medicine with me if I am going to be out and away from home. I am sooooo sorry. I wouldn't wish that pain on anyone.

Kristal said...

I'm hoping mine was due to sinus crap I have going on....but I think I'll get some migrane accupuncture just in case cause I really would have chosen death...seriously!

Koi said...

Wow, I know that headache well. I get about 4 a year. They are the worst like right after I have a kid. Sometimes when I get them I can only talk jibberish. Literally. It freaks Jarred out. Doterra Peppermint oil is something that I use to help with them.

Kristal said...

what the mother freaker koi! I jiust downed some doterra peppermint oil in my awter, and I shoved a bunch in my humidifier. Awesome