Wednesday, February 23, 2011

who invented bread?

Yesterday we went by the bread store that we always go to in the valley and we stocked up.  We haven't been to the valley in 3 months so we've been making 4 loaves once a week.  Today I cut a peice of THEIR apple cinnamon swirl bread and I told him it had apples and cinnamon in it.  Boss asked, "how you know that?"  I told him becaue that's what the labe said and I can see and taste it in there.  Then he asked, "how you get that in there?"  I told him, "oh, this isn't bread I made".  He asked, "who made it, Jesus?"

Ahh, I love that he thinks only Jesus and I make bread.

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Mary Ann said...

That's so sweet... I LOVE how you document all these awesome things in your life.. you will be happy you did!