Thursday, July 1, 2010

curly hair and ninja warriors!

This week we've been experimenting with Kam's hair to see what is the best way to curl it. This way was with my Grandma Hatch's old tiny plastic curlers. Not my favorite.We also have been experimenting with my hair....nothing great yet...but we still have 2 more days. In the meantime the 2 older kids have been playing pretty well together lately. Yesterday on the trampoline they got on the awesome capes aunt tamee made them 4 years ago, some goggles and swords and played ninja. Yup, they're weird...but they really had no chance to not be.

We also tried the old sponge curlers that I used to wear as a kid (the same ones I used to wear too) and so far, they are my favorite. This was right after we took them out. I really liked her hair a few hours after this.
Nothing else has been going on. Still just cleaning like crazy for the Fullmers that are coming today. We let our house get junked up this summer with all the craziness, it's nice to finally dejunk everything. now I'm off to swim aerobics with about 20 HCG ladies. Good times.

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