Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Aspen something and something.

My kid's favorite thing at Aspen Grove was the pool. They could go just about anytime and there were 3 fun slides. This was a quick shot I took of Jaden one of the days I was walking by the pool. Chillin.They kids also got to make awesome rockets that shot SUPER high in the air. Kam's didn't go too high at first, but then it went really really high. It was awesome.
And of coarse Jaden LOVED that they had sling shots. He did pretty good with it too.
Kam and Savannah. These two were hilarious. They both do what they can for attention since they are the only girl with a bunch of boys, so together they did butt heads at times, but they had a ton of fun together.
Um, Pearcen mostly just smiled and laughed all week. He's perfect!

This guy about drove us NUTS! He was an escape artist. He took off about 5x everyday...not an exageration. It freaked me out a bit everytime, but one of the times we searched for half an hour...and our lodge was right by a river and a road, so I freaked a bit. Finally we had the camp director help us out and we had all of the camp leaders looking for a 4 year old in cowboy boots with a red and white striped shirt. And alas, I found him in the floor above us in the main lobby area behind the couch cusions chattin it up with an older guy. UGH!
Aspen Grove was SO MUCH fun! We ALL loved every single minute of it. The weather was amazing, the location was super amazing, the activites and planning and leaders were all fantastic. The food was good, the ice cream was SO AMAZING, and the way our family got along for that one week in life was the best. haha. Just kidding, we're still noticing the change, hopefully it'll last.

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Burgess said...

I have ALWAYS wanted to go to a family summer camp! This one looks freaking amamzing!