Friday, October 26, 2012

California fall break part I

For fall break we got buy one get one free tickets to Legoland, and we got 5 tickets to Knott's berry farm for $95 so we almost felt it a sin not to go.  And of coarse a couple of days at the beach...which I'll admit, is amazingly stressful for me with all these little kids, but everyone else LOVES IT!

This was my adorable little view.

And of coarse Boss wanted to get buried.....
and then he got nervous about it....
and then the tourture began.

Then shortie decided he wanted to be buried, but NOT his arms!!!
and Kam. I just love this little girl.  She's hilarious!  She couldn't open her eyes, but she couldn't stop laughing. I like her!
And this is Bib's oasis that we set up every time we go to the beach.
this curl...this curl is hilarious!  I love it.  Kam had a head full of tons of dark curls, but Viv, she has this one adorable little blonde curl.
This guy stuck by my side the whole trip, well, actually, all the time. I LOVE 3 year olds! I know I've said it 3x before, but I LOVE 3 year olds!!!!

Yumm, lick the dirt of there son!
and of coarse, a smile from Ms. Smiles!

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