Sunday, January 17, 2010

Things I'm loving in Jan. 2010

First, I've gotta start off with this picture...becuase I LOVED the confidence I had when I wasn't soo caught up in my fattness. I hope to be there again soon, and be back in shape. I feel so sluggish even though I work out a ton. I want stamina and muscle back. So right now, I LOVE the confidence that I lack...haha. I am SO loving country life. There are days when I miss resturants, stores, friends and girls nights in the city, but the days I love the slow life, the chickens running around the house, the miles of nothing on 2 sides of my house, no cookie cutter homes around me, no traffic, sirens, stores, crowds, airplanes, and I LOVE that we live in a "parade" town, where everyone waves to everyone. I just love it here! Love it! (but am also so grateful for online shopping...heehee)
I love moms that inspire. There is a lady here in town that has 6 kids and I remember right after i had boston she laughed at me when I told her I wanted 6 and thought it was funny that I would say that when I only have 3...and again when she found out I was pregnant with Pearce she said we should stop. But then there is a mom of 10 here in town that keeps encouraging me, telling me it gets easier when you have older kids to help out and after 3 it doesn't matter how many you have, and lots of other encouraging things. And there there is my friend Anna. I read her blog and everyday is a fun bonding day with her kids...and I mean EVERYDAY. She does the funniest, most fun stuff ever with them, she seriously inspires me every time I go to her blog. She's amazing...she has 6 too. Love her! (this is her)

I love Victoria's Secret models for motivating me to lose the baby chub so I can look good in jeans again. Thanks girls.

I'm super lovingi these Mint Skinny Cows. They are only 2 points. I've only had one becaus I keep forgetting that they are out in the fridge, but YUM! Thanks skinny cow makers!

I love Drew reason in particular, just love her.

and I LOVE my kids...but I didn't post a pic because my goal this week is to do a photoshoot with each of them...then I'll post!


Allred's said...

OKAY, Kristal, you're blind and that's okay. Your Christmas card to us was on the left hand side, 4th one down. And as for our black shirts, who the heck knows why we do it. Seems easiest I guess, and now it has become sort of a tradition, just because we aren't that creative in our clothing choices! We are PLAIN. your list of LOVES and I so admire your persistence in the "getting into shape" category. You are so determined and I hope one day I will possess that quality too!

Woodside's said...

Hey it was good to see you a little while ago! Come back to visit us agian soon!

Jessica said...

You look hot in that pic! Keep up the great work!

Crystal said...

Have you seen the movie "My Date With Drew"? It's a documentary- in a good way, and it's SO great. You need to check it out.

Kristal said...

oh trust me, I've seen it! So funny. I loved it!