Sunday, January 10, 2010

2010 Resolutions

Alright, so I have SO many resolutions, but I'm a slacker, so I narrowed it down to these 5.
5. Get this body back before summer...and have long hair and a hot bod at the same time...that never happens with me.

4. Make our new house an amazing place to be (starting off with doing something with this major boring wall). I love our colors, love our openess, but I wanna make it a fun happy place to be. These first 3 weeks have been HECTIC, and it hasn't been fun despoiling the kids from Christmas break. I'm hoping the process of making this a happy home will start soon! Along the same organized house. I really want 2 big cute organized sections...the garage (where all my craft stuff will be and all the kids outdoor stuff) and around the computer where all of our artsy stuff and paperwork type stuff will be. I ordered a unit kinda like this one for the entry way, but Jase is thinking it won't fit, so I'm wanting to make a type of mud area in the garage. We'll see how my plan pan out over these next few months....

3.To be nice to my husband. Sister Bryant talked in church today about how she made a resolution to be nice to her husband. I don't think I've ever been the kind to be overly nice to anyone...and Jase has known that, but it's been easy to not make my marriage a priority now that we have so many kids with so many things going on. Another friend reminded me this week of the early years of marriage when us wives would beg our husband to not leave in the mornings and get soo excited when they'd get home in the evenings. We both realized we don't do that for our husbands anymore. The kids and I used to sit on Jase's rolling back pack when he'd leave for school in Texas to get him to stay, now, some mornings, we don't even say goodbye. Sad. SO this is a big goal, and probably the hardest for me.

2. To SING at church. I never have. Never wanted to. But am now realizing that my kids won't if I don't, and I really want my kids to. So hopefully, starting this next week, I"ll start singing.

1. This is my #1 goal. NO MORE GOSSIPING. IT's been so easy for me to get caught up in it all since moving back to a place where I know everyone. But from now on, only good talk about others. I know i"ll need a LOT of help with this EVERYONE...HELP!

Wish me luck yo!


Burgess said...

All very good. I think about the early days of being in love so much and miss them. I'm hoping to get back to them myself.

Allred's said...

YEAH, what fantastic goals. I am so loving your enthusiasm!!

Unknown said...

Love the gossip one, I'll join you on that one too. The singing one, we had that problem a few months back with McKenna and Breea. They didnt sing, so I took them outside during church with a hymn book and made them sing the whole song out loud. - They sing in church all the time now (or at least they move their lips) PS - IM BLOGGING AGAIN!!!

Dayna said...

i LOVE resolutions! YAY for yours! Except number 1.. I'll never be that skinny! BAH!

Sarah Pace said...

those are good goals!!! All accept the wall decorating, are things I really need or need to work on!
You have inspired me!!!

I really need to work on he husband one and the gossip one the most! Good luck!