Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My baby's ONE!!!

Sweet baby Bibby turned one on Saturday!  It honestly seems like I just gave birth a few months ago...NOT a year ago!  She's been a super easy happy baby to have around here...thank goodness, or I would have gone insane with moving here, the kid's crazy new schedules, and not being a sleeper for most of the year

We started off by giving Vivvy her completely awesome cake to go crazy with....she didn't understand. She was surrounded by about 20 people, half with cameras, and she paid no attention to the huge cake in front of her....
 So we downgraded to a little rose cupcake...which we first swiped on her lip so she could understand a bit what it was for.....then she went crazy...in a dainty, sweet little way.

 Then she wanted out.

She's a bit wacky.  I really like her.

We gave it a few minutes then tired the smash cake on the ground...she did a little bit better, but still,I wouldn't call it a smash cake...maybe a taster cake.
This guy had an awesome time.  He had a few of his favorite friends and cousins there, and they were busy the whole day.  HIs favorite spot was under this huge awesome table clothe.

 And now pictures of decorations and guests.  One of Jase's patients made this fantastic cake.  It was hard to let her destroy it.

 and our Vivvian timeline.  Kinda made me super sad to look through these.  I remember when she was about 3 or 4 months, I would wake up at night holding her and just cry because she's my last little baby...oh wait, just like I did a few days ago!
 Aunt LIssy and Uncle Justy in their finest tea party clothes.  Aunt Lissy and Danica are my two party girls.  They helped a ton to get things set up and put together.  
 The Hatch girls talking about crafts, food or awesomeness, I'm sure..

 The cake table.  You had a few choices...my favorite was the rose cupcakes with buttercream frosting...which we will be making and selling at our yard/bake sale this weekend (COME)
 apetizers,  snacks, desserts and sandwiches
 The royal throne.

a couple of the table settings....

After the party we decided to tie all of the balloons to Vivian to see if she'd float...she doesn't, but it was a lot of fun watching her crawl with them on.
Mi hermanas (Hey, does anyone have a picture of all the party guests?) I didn't start taking pictures til after the party.  haha)

and other than the awesome baby...THIS is what made the party...this AWESOME party hat.  It is so adorable...and luckily Bibs didn't mind wearing it!
and the Gutterys put together the "Vivian" board.
 And yea, she was even super happy a few hours into the party.  She's awesome!
I LOOVE this little squat stance.
 It was a fantastic little birthday tea party. I'm so sad that she's growing up so fast. I feel like all of my kids are, but these younger two are growing twice as fast as any other kid in the world and it's making me a bit mad and super sad.  Wish I could do something about it.  Some of my favorite things about Bibby at this age is how she growls and laughs when you growl back.  She loves to raise her eyebrows and shake her head yes at most anything I say or do. I hope she's always this agreeable.  I love that she loves to cuddle when I first get her out of her carseat, everytime.  I love that she does a stink bug crawl if she doesn't have pants on. I love her perfect little baby face.  I love how little she is.  It was fun to have big fat chubby babies that were tall and at least 25 pounds at age 1, but having a short little 19 pound one year old is fun too...makes her seem younger. :)   I love that she sleeps through the night, EVERYNIGHT.  I love that she loves naps.  I love that she's a great eater.    I love that she offers a bite of whatever she has to anyone that's around. I love her awesome little smile!  She's perfect!!!!!


dani said...

She seriously is PERFECT!! I had fun helping you with the party- it turned out so adorably perfect!

Heidi said...

Adorable! Viv is just yummy and the hat...so stinking cute! Good job momma!