Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's Wednesday...

There are so many reasons that I do NOT like Wednesday. First, I can't spell it. That's right, I'm 31 and I can't spell Wednesday without looking at the calendar like I did these 3 times that I just spelled it. I'm not a crappy speller either...a bad typer at times, but not a crappy speller, but I CANNOT spell Wednesday without help from my calendar.
2nd reason, it's just Wednesday. Middle of the week. The kids don't have anything, no soccer, no piano, no scouts. Jase has his early schedule, which I guess is fine, just means I have to run alone, which I hate. Luckily I have a pocket in the jogger that holds the right amount of the right size of dog throwing rocks. No good TV on Wednesday either. That's Thursday. But there is one great thing about night! We watched that movie last night and it was almost pathetic how close to our marriage the beginning of that movie is. We contemplate if we should go on dates, then we get all excited, and we're too tired by the time it's time for the date. Pathetic. But I'm sure we'll go tonight, and it'll be amazing!
But my latelies. Last night was our Back to School Enrichment...and it was a success! It went as planned! I was soo happy, and we even had a good turnout! I had to be the home ec teacher and talk about healthy snacks and lunches for kids, but I only got 5 minutes. I think it went well. Either way, I'm glad it was yesterday and today is today! HUGE load off. Now I can focus on our trip this weekend!!!!

Saturdays shoot went awesome. She was adorable and so super tiny so we could pose her however we wanted...
Um, and Pearcen is still going through a lot of firsts. he had his first cookie this week, and his first spaghetti...

You can't tell me there's anything more cute than that...well, maybe the messy face by it. I'm really amazed at how much easier it is to like our kids these last 2 months since love and logic. We heard mixed reviews from people that had taken the coarses, so we were nervous, but seriously, the kids are happier, we're happier, and we all want to be around each other more....I think that's all that matters. I almost want to go wake them all up right now so we can start chores and piano and get our day going.

But I wont.

This picture makes me sad. I know it makes my parents happy, but come on! You've lived here over 40 years, you have your coolest kids and grand kids here. Why the heck are you moving?!?!?!
Very sad things that will happen with their move:
1. Sundays will be boring
2. The kids will stop asking if we can walk to grandma and grandpas
3. Our chickens will die for sure.
4. Foxxie has a slim chance of making it
5. We'll have to pay for our own netflix. haha
6. I'll get nothing done. My dad helps me with all of my house stuff, and my mom helps me with all of my cooking and crafting. My life is sure to turn into that of a couch potato mom.
7. We won't get to see them a few times a week.
DON"T MOVE!!!! I'm starting a petition, please come and sign it people! Keep the Hatch's in Joseph City!!!!!!


Melissa Fullmer said...

good laugh for my morning, thanks!

Tia said...

I would sign it! In fact, I told your dad once at church that I prayed about it and that they need to stay in Joseph City. :P

K Bailey said...

Very cute spaghetti pic! And I'm pretty sure that house for your parents is just a couple blocks (if that) east of my mom's...

Miken Harding said...

I can't spell it either-thus not putting it on here:) Where are you parents moving too? They should stay! Is that their home they are moving into? It's beautiful.

Alona said...

Can I sign it from here.