Sunday, September 12, 2010

Adoption plans...

Today Kam and Jado were playing with Pearce and I overheard this hilarious conversation:

Jaden: I want to adopt a baby
Kamryn: Well, who should we give them for one? Boston?
Jaden: Yea, Boston.

Um, really kids? Really?


Woodside's said...

I don't know if I should laugh or be concerned for Boston. Boston is the best and just a cool kid. And of course I love his awesome hair:) Also, I think you should come hang out with me some time....soon!

John and Juli said...

so i couldn't figure it out...who is namethemonebyone? I wasn't worried because of the name, but i was curious as to who was looking at my blog. it was private when i was trying to figure it out, so nice to know it was you! i will be stopping in from time to time hope you don't mind. oh and loved the post about acceptance! Amen:)

Melissa Fullmer said...

poor boston, no love. i'll take him