Friday, September 10, 2010

Things to explain my utter happiness....

First off, the thing that I thought would NOT cause happiness, but thus far....has. We started a family budget a few days ago. My good friend Lanae told me about their budgeting plane, and I LOVED the sound of it, so I told Jase, he called her husband to get all the gorey details and bam! We're doing it. We're hoping to be able to put a lot more into savings with it. We'll see.Um, another reason I'm happy. Old Navy KNOWS I can't resist their baby sale. I LOVE IT! LOVE IT! I went in to buy a couple outfits for my neighbor, um ended up buying about 4 one peices and 3 onesies and a pair of socks for my little baby, plus Old Navy sent me my 30% off any item coupon, AND $10 old navy bucks, so I pretty much HAD to buy Kam the cardigan that matches her socks that I bought last week.. haha. I love you Old Navy. I love you.
Ok, so this has been all year, but I'm DETERMINED to do it before my baby turns 1 in two weeks....I wanna lose this last 8lbs. It's the 8 that puts me 105lbs under my biggest weight, and it puts me comfortably into the next size down. Two weeks, I can do it. (this is a picture of an 8lb weight...doesn't seem that horrible when it's compact like that....haha)
And to help me along the way...Jase and I have been running 2-3 miles a day. It's not so bad. It's not my favorite at all, and I'm not one that loves running for sure, but it's a good workout and I can tell it's helping. Plus with all I have going on for the next 2 months, it's a quick cardio for me.
This was the closest I could find to a picture of Jase and I...and just in case you coudln't tell, it's not really Jase and I.
Ahhh, and I've been blessed enough to stay busy with my shoots the last few weeks and for a few more weeks at least. I've had 1-2 shoots a week. Which means I get done editing one shoot, in time to take the next. This was last Saturdays, and tomorrow's is a senior shoot in Winslow, can't wait!
Another reason I'm happy, Bet's here! I LOVE HER! She's awesome. I feel like I can get so much more done when she's around. It's great! She's going to help me with my shoot tomorrow too. I always feel more confident photographing people when I have someone I know there with me.
Um, and I FINALLY got my picture collage done...which I will be taking pictures of tomorrow to post, and she's helping me put my huge, amazing, red vinyl stickers up in my kitchen! Can't wait!!!!
Um, and today, I bought FOURTEEN of these babies (that I'm addicted to and have been for a while),,,,,
TWO of these babies (which again, addicted to, but haven't had one in months!)....
for ONE of these babies.....
YUP! I printed out a bunch of the Sobe BOGO Free coupons and CVS was having a BOGO Free sale, so bam, free! And the M&M's, no great sale, but 2 for a buck aint too bad.

And of coarse, I'm soo happy because my kids are amazing, my husband is amazing, my house is comfy, and I live in Jo City. How could I resist the happiness!!! I was going to post a pic of them, but I've stunk at taking pics lately. Next week in Cali though, PICTURE CRAZY!!!!!!

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AudyCamp said...

I just bought the "Party Size" bag of peanut butter M&M's...I am so addicted it's not even funny.