Friday, September 17, 2010

Some things about K

Just thought I'd share things about me that might get passed on to my kids and they can know where they got them from!
I get the worst social anxiety. When I click send on the phone to call ANYONE (other than Jase or my mom) I get so tight inside and nervous. It stinks. And when I first walk into a building where I know I'll have to talk to people...same thing! I like groups of 4 or 5, and I do 100x better if Jase is with me. That's why I have a list of phone calls for him to make everyday. haha, ok, not really, but usually at least one.

I have the biggest fear of dogs. I don't hate them. I HATE phones, but I'm just afraid of dogs. And no, I was never bit by one, I'm just afraid of them.

I love Pears. I can't wait for September every year for my sisters to get pears. I like to make pear honey, pear bread, fried pears, pear shakes, pears and neuftachel, ANYTHING Pears! I love them!

I am quickly offended when people dis the way I live, and I hold onto it for a long time. Both bad, I know.

I think every girl I know looks better with dark hair. In fact, most of my blonde friends have gone dark, but I think they should all go darker. Jase and I are together on this opinion. Girls just look hotter with dark hair...especially when they have blue eyes.

I wish I was a redhead

I can't watch the news. And I know this isn't genetic because my dad watches it ALL day and my mom is ok with it. But everytime I watch even 5 minutes of it at their house, I feel like the world is going to end that day and I can't stop thinking about whatever it is I watched.

I'm sad we canceled our DISH subscription yesterday. It was $10/mo and I loved it. I LOVE watching a good 10 minutes of TV before I fall asleep every night...that's something I probably passed on...I've been that way since I was a kid...the second I stop moving at night, I'm out! Lame!

I don' like my chubby calves.

I can't not dance when Tootsie Roll is on the radio.

I have always and will always LOVE pink and red together.

I have to write everything down on 2 calendars. And I still usually forget. This is new, so kids, you probably won't get this til you're much older, but it stinks. Enjoy brains that work, cause that doesn't last forever.

I love sexy shoes, but wear flip flops or workout shoes about 29 days of the month.

I'm a bath girl, i love baths. Doesn't mean I get to take them but once a month, but I LOVE baths

I have the biggest fear of flying. BIGGEST fear. I used to fly and fly alone all the time as a kid, but since the wreck, I'm afraid of everything, and ESPECIALLY flying. I was the only one awake on our long red eye flight to Jamaica...and I was wide awake and wondering how all of these people could sleep!!!!!

I love Mason jars. I wanna be a collector, but I'm too broke. But I love Mason jars.

I've never even came close to wanting to be a teacher or a nurse...which I guess is weird for a girl.

I'm a super fast typer...have been since I was 18 and spent a summer doing data entry. I LOVE typing!

I used to love talking to strangers in college. I would go and talk to anyone in a mall or resturant. Not now....unless it's late....and I'm in my skinny jeans...and my hair looks good.

I love Country Living....both the lifestyle and the magazine. Have em both, love em both!

Alright, so there are a few random things about me kids. I hope you got some of these, and some I hope you DID NOT get.


Melissa Fullmer said...

you're awesome!! we have a lot in common

Whitney said...

Kool! It's always nice to learn more about people. I am such a people person!

. said...

I have mason jars...and I wanna share! Let me know;)

Kristal said...

Is that Aubrey??? your name comes up as ".". Anyone that shares Mason jars gets, well, I don't know, but something amazing. What do you love that you don't have???? I LOVE mason jars...I'm know that though.
And Mel, we should sit around, dye our hair red and eat pears sometime! ;)

Mary said...

I'm with ya on 99% of these! Especially the anxiety part. Ugh.

Elissa said...

i like you. youre pretty cool.

Unknown said...

OK, I thought we were twins for the first 10, but then something went all wrong after that and we were oposites again. I TOTALLY agree with the dark hair theory, and have noticed it so much more since Ive gone light. 10 min of night tv-good, news-bad, country-good, planes-bad. Mason jars???? (I guess with fun stuffed canned in them, they would be fun to collect) FUN POST!

The Giles Files said...

What a neat post. I found myself going "Wow, this is me!" Except the phone part - unless I have to leave a message. I love dark hair, I love pears. Oooh, and I get red highlights, does that count?

I might have to steal this post idea later on down the road. You're awesome.

Laura said...

I love having dark hair but it makes my grays show up faster. Grrr. The older I get the more social anxiety I have too. I would rather spend my time at home with my family or the good friends I already have. What happened to us after college?!?

AudyCamp said...

I love reading the little details about people...ESPECIALLY YOU! You are so awesome-seriously.
Ok so do you want your hair dark or red? ...still trying to figure that one out.

Kristal said...

I wish I were a natural redhead...with brown or green eyes, but I have blue eyes, and I don't really think blue eyes go good with red least non natural red hair, so I'll be dark for the rest of my life.
And yes, Laura, we really have gone fast down hill since college. We're lame A muthers now.