Friday, September 24, 2010

Soccer Season!!

I LOVE Soccer season! It's my favorite sport to watch the kids play. I just wish we could get it in our schools here. Jaden and Kam are on the same team this year. It amazes me with how agressive they are with each other that they aren't more agressive on the field. They're both some of the fastest out there, but they aren't really too excited to kick the ball. But they have fun, so that's all that matters right. Then there's Boss man. He runs up, kicks the ball, and doesn't stop. They blow the whistle, and blow it and blow it, and he just keeps going, once onto the next soccer field over. Don't think he realizes there are boundries. Love it!
And at this weeks game, Kam was awarded the Good Sportsmanship award. She got a badge and a Roxie Movie pass! Pretty awesome. It's only awarded to one player on all the teams.


AudyCamp said...

What could be better than soccer & California beach/disneyland pictures!!! LOVE IT!!

Elissa said...

haha, bostons face is killing me! so cute!