Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas eve...eve

Ok, 2 more days til Christmas....playset still not even started. Me...very nervous!
So for now, I'd like to present my top 6 likes and dislikes about the week before Christmas 2010

1. All of the amazon packages pouring into my mailbox
2. Sneaking around hiding gifts in different places
3. Jaden's birthday
4. All of the fun visitors bringing junk food
5.Tamales, oranges, the music, the cold, the lights, the excitment, the putting together gifts way past my bedtime.
6. Teaching my kids the true meaning of Christmas.

1. Jaden's birthday party....9 little boys trashing the house a couple of days before Christmas.ugh
2. The junk food. I LOVE when people come over, and I LOVE eatting the junk food....don't like the guilt the next day when my stomach is going crazy.
3. Santa Paws
4. Realizing that my husband really isn't concerned for me weird health issues
5. Empty amazon boxes taking over my recycle pile!!!!
6. That my parents are having their 1st ever Christmas in the WRONG HOUSE!!!!

There it is. I'm sure nxt weeks list will be completely different.

On a different note, just had the Skiddle family here. They didn't stay long, but it's always good to get a little taste treat of the Skiddles. They need to just build a home up here. Jaden, for his birthday, just wanted ashely, drew, me and him to go out to eat....and DENNY"S!!!! Ugh. So that's what we did. Luckily his breakfast request was crepes with fruit and cream. Mmmm!
The party went well, pictures to come soon.

For now, I must go prepare to rest up for the biggest day of my year! Christmas Eve 2010!!!!!!

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