Thursday, December 30, 2010

Things I miss

I miss having 2 weeks off 3x a year to do whatever we wanted...usually road trips through a few states.

I miss my hair

I miss Melissa (a friend that shouldn't live so far from me)

I miss the cheap pedicure place in Lewisville where the ladies always said I should be a model....I know they say it at all of them, but they'd always pick me out of whoever I was with and say, "you be model". I miss those ladies...I wanna see them everyday!

I miss playing on the golf coarse behind our Texas apartment when it was covered in snow. Or right after a big rain storm when the kids would run out ther snaked and splash around.

I miss my husband

I miss living really close to my sisters so I could go see them a few times a week.

I miss putting baby Jaden in the stroller and roller blading with him around Thatcher.

I miss going out into the parking lot of our texas apartment and letting the kids ride bikes and scooters for an hour before dad came home almost every day.

I miss perky boobs

I miss working with Jase for EA Glass.

I DON"T miss my Texas apartment

I DON"T miss getting glared at in the WIC offices

I DON"T miss humidity

I DON"T miss my DRebel

I DON'T miss my cell phone

I DON"T miss golf balls flying at our huge sliding glass door every day (breaking it completely one day)

I DON"T miss the guy following me and the kids with a gun.

I DON"T miss our first 3 months of marriage....fighting fighting fighting

I DON"T miss traffic

Ok, there it is. There were a ton I was thinking of at 1am this morning as I was laying in bed. Oh, here's where it started

I miss holding my babies in bed with me. I'm dreading having a last baby. DREADING IT!

I DON"T miss the first 3 months of nursing Boston, and only 4 months of nursing Pearce. I wish it would have worked but it was emotionally and physically HORRIBLE for me.

Ok, off to clean. Someday I hope to say, I DON"T miss having a cleaning lady every week. haha.


Melissa Fullmer said...

for hating texas so much you sure miss quite a few things about it, more bad than good though, i miss kristal!!!!

Cami D. said...

Stop it - I worked for Pat @ EA glass too. . . When he started in that rat nasty trailer! Haha um ya we DO know a ton of the same peeps!

I hope you can say that about a cleaning lady too. :)