Wednesday, December 1, 2010


10 years! I can NOT believe it's been 10 years. I can't believe all the places we've been, things we've done and seen, people we've met, experiences we've had and kids we've got! What the heck people! This is Kristal Hatch and Jason Mulder we're talking about here! Who would have ever thought they would have lasted a year with anyone, let alone with each other!!!!
I'm just going to dedicate this post to things I love about our marriage. First...he's the best kisser ever. Gross, i know, but I even wrote it in my journal before we started dating. I rated all of my kisses, and he was the only 10.
Our families. I love the families we come from. They are soo different from each other. He is the oldest of 4 boys, I'm the youngest of 5 girls. they moved around their entire life. I was raised 20 years in the same house. I'm so grateful to have both families in our lives.
I love these pictures of him with his brothers and him with my brother in laws. I still think about how amazing it is that all of my sisters and myself married such amazing, motivated, faithful, loyal, good looking guys!
(I also love in the above picture the he KNOWS he bettered look at my camera. haha)
Ok, this one always makes my top 10s about Jase..I love that he loves to do outdoor stuff with the kids. Sometimes he gets a bit carried away with it, but I'm glad he does it so they can have those fun memories. This picture is from a night that we all slept out on the trampoline and made smores.
Ok, and you all know that I'm a weirdee, always have been, and like I said in a previous post, I'm changing my fashion sense back to weirdee, but I LIVE for dressing up! I love Halloween, always have! And I'm soo glad I got a husband that is fun enough to dress up with me...every year! This was 2008...he's a sky scraper, Boston is king kong.

This one is from the year we were engaged. Ah, back when we both had hair. (2000)
I know I'll regret mentioning this one, but I'm glad that even though 9x out of 10 I push him away or turn to dodge his kisses, I'm glad he keeps trying. AKA
I'm glad he puts up with me being a pain in the butt!!!!
Haha, I love that he'll do whatever I ask. "Will you grow your hair shaggy?"

I love that he helps me stay healthy. I know if I were married to anyone else, I'd be fatter than I am. I would be soo lazy and eat junk. This does NOT mean that it doesn't totally annoy me that he weighs the exact same as the day we got married and he hardly has to work at it and my sisters always told me "oh, dont' worry, he'll be chubby by the time he hits 30", he's 33, skinnier!

And on the flip flop, I'm glad he's loved me in my 200lb phases, when I could have eaten his body weight in breakfast each day.
And another one that makes most of my Jase top 10's...his motivation! He's a chiropractor...a successful Jo City! No piece of cake people. I remember his graduation day. I felt like I was getting bailed out of prison (Texas), but I remember thinking, "holy crap, he did it! 30 credit hour semesters, year round, weekend seminars, 4am studying, part time job, 3 kids, nagging wife...and he still did it!". He's amazing. And I love that he's this way with even little that chicken coop...that he's soo proud of.
Now I wanna take a moment to share some of my favorite memories.
Running at 5am around the ghetto parking lot with the double jogger in Texas
our 10 state road trip with the kids
decorating Jaden's nursery in Tempe
Fighting for our first 3 months in Show Low...and making up by drinking cocoa and watching the snow from our balcony.
Living at my sister Randa's after the wreck, and him having to get up with me every night to help me to my walker to go pee...which we later found out was because there was a Jaden in me.
Hiking the switchbacks in the salt river canyon
Jamaica and the rum raisin ice cream and hobby cat
His family reunion in Oregon
When he bought me a rose for our first month of marriage, 2 for our 2nd, etc...then 2 dozen for 2 years.
Our trip to the birthing center to deliver Boston (not the actual delivery)
Shoving a pie in his face at the Halloween party of '07
New Orleans!!!
Jaden's baptism

I love you J. You're the best looking guy I've ever seen in real life (again, from my journal before we started dating)
I'm excited for the next 10, and the next 4 kids. haha...remember when we thought we wanted 8? hahaha. Unless God gives us quads!oooh, sexy sexy sexy



Melissa Fullmer said...

you guys are awesome!! happy anniversary!

Miken Harding said...

I second Melissa! I'm so happy for you, life is so much more fun when you can enjoy the ride with a hottie and a keeper! Happy Anniversary.

Tamee said...

I LOVE this post. I love that you posted the really good times and the really bad times as good memories of our marriage. It's not easy to appreciate the bad as good for you or your marriage.
We love Jason too.

Susannah said...

What fun memories!! Congratulations for making 10 years!!

Anonymous said...

I love you two together! You guys make one hot couple!