Saturday, December 11, 2010

Baking day...every week

Ok, so my friend has baking day with her mom and sisters every year. I have made my mom do it with me for the last 2 years, and this year we had cake ball bakign day. But I have had a baking day every week! I LOVE TO BAKE!!!! Today at the grocery store there were just soo many good deals on baking stuff, that I went crazy. I got all of this!The total was $128, but after I put my card number in and gave em all of my coupons I got it down to $71. Which you're probably thinking, "what? That's not that good" But seriously, there's a heavy duty adorable red pie dish, organic apples, organic canned tomatoes (bad I know), 10 packages of the betty crocker cookies (they were .50, I had to for those days that the kids wake up and say, "we need to bring cookies to school today" which happens more often than you might think", a box of cuties, organic milk, lots and lots of apples, my hair dye wasn't on sale, but if you've seen me this week you know I need it anyways, and yea, there are about 8 cans of the pillsbury biscuts...don't get on me for that you health freaks...I just HATE making biscuts and gravy, but Jase loves it, and I'm not a fan of making home made biscuts or rolls (just bread), so I buy these. back off! Anyway, this explains one of the many reasons I LOVE OT's cheap...and delicious!

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Anonymous said...

I bet you are making some yummy stuff. YOu should share some good recipes with me. I'm going to attempt a baking day next week and need some new recipes. I love your pictures... and your post about dancing. Love it.