Sunday, December 5, 2010

If I could apply for a calling...

I'd totally apply to be in Young Women's! I've dropped very unsubtle hints to a couple of my bishops that I have always wanted to serve in the YW, but for some reason, I keep getting put back in the enrichment committee. Which I can't complain at all, I do love it, and it's not nursery. But every time after I hang out with my nieces, I crave this calling more. But until we are able to apply for callings, I'll just keep praying for it.
(this picture is um, about 3 years old, but I try not to be in pictures any more as you may have noticed, due to my gross face, mushroom hair cut and spare tire, but all will be gone soon enough and I'll be back in pictures)
I also just had to post this picture from the 4th 4 years ago when my little dolly was 3. She's soo awesome!


Burgess said...

I've always wondered why all the young marrieds get put in the young womens and I never did. And then I thought, maybe it's because I'm fat and that's not setting a good example. And then I thought, wait a minute, I hate 15 year old drama. Anyway, I'm forever in the primary -- except this year because I asked to be released. I know, I'm probably on the naughty list, too.

Anonymous said...

You would be the coolest young woman's leader ever! Oh and you are so stinkin cute Kristal. I was going to ask if anyone is going to do another BL challenge in the near future? I am really struggling, I have gained almost everything back from a few years ago, it is so depressing, I need an added motivation, especially since I will have to be in at least a couple pictures this Spring when I graduate. On a brighter note, theatis the cutest pict of Kam!