Friday, March 24, 2017


March has happened WAYYY too fast!   We had Disneyland, then a week of school to get caught up, then spring break, and now a week of school, and now we're packing to leave the country for a week.  April and May WILL slow down! I loved February with it's unbusiness and the pictures and time I got with my kids. I've known for a few months that March would be insane.  But we did sneak in a few happy memories.  The kids all wore green for St. Patrick's day, but I didn't do a dang mom thing.  No green food, no green crafts, nada!  So I snapped this pic of a few of my boys together. They're pretty handsome!
 Then Stratton and Millie came up and made spring break amazing!  These two really feed each other's energy level, but they have such a good time doing it, that we just kick them outside and let them burn it all off!
 Favorite thing about March is still this....

 He's the most beautiful baby boy, and these two are seriously glowy! I love it!

Meanwhile, MY Mr. beautiful has turned naughty, just this week, which sucks because he's going to stay with Danica for a week.  He LOVES to open every cupboard and pull everything out as fast as he can.  He loves to throw all of his food on the floor as fast as he can..even if he wants it...he wants it to hit the ground first.  He's obnoxious!  and SOOO CUTE!!!

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