Monday, March 13, 2017

Best, Day, EVER!

Justin and Elissa finally had Baby Benson!!!!!  That pregnancy was longer than any of mine...seriously felt that way...even longer than this last horrible Truman pregnancy.  I couldn't wait for her pregnancy to be over and everyone safe and an adorable happy Mulder family.  He's seriously  as cute as my own too!  Ok, as cute as mine and doesn't have the swollen nose.  He kinda came out completely perfect!  We rushed down to hold him and take a few pictures on Saturday when he was born, and now Jase and I are both DYING to hold him again!  He was 9 pounds 5 ounce, the Mulder average, and 21" long...again, the Mulder average.   He's going to fit right in!   It was so great to see Justy and Lissy so happy and a feeling of relief was in the room for all.   I couldn't help but cry when I first got to hold him because of how long everyone has waited for this little man, and all of the trials that had to happen before he could come.   He's seriously an amazing blessing to the whole Mulder family.  Congratulations Justy and Lissy and welcome baby Benny!

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