Monday, March 6, 2017

California Adventure!

Jase and I were in awe when we walked into Car's land for the first time! I LOVE IT!  I LOOVVED growing up in Podunk northern Az, and all of the cute stuff there reminded me of all of it!  I have so many pictures from HS by the Here it is sign at Jack Rabbit, so of course, we had to get one with it here....

 Bugsland was a lot of fun, except I realized my younger kids haven't seen A Bug's life.  It's on my to do list now.  But they had a lotta fun riding these incredibly slow bumper cars.

Then the older kids all went to California screaming which they all LOVED, they rode it 2 or 3 times before Boston got so sick and the older two decided to take a break as well.  So we found a bench and ate our sandwiches, except Boston, who was too sick and fell asleep for a bit, so the other kids decided to ride the flying swing ride right by the tables we were sitting at...a few times.

 And then the jellyfish ride...these first 3 pictures crack me up, Vivian is making a different wacky face in each one.

 This picture freaks me out!  They look so old!  They both look like teenagers! YIKES!

 The huge door at Monster's Inc. with 3 tiny girls
 This Ramen jacket got as much attention as the characters at the parks!  Especially by girls.

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