Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Grateful for...

So, I have a hard time getting much excitement out of anything anymore. I'm happy, and I know I'm blessed, and I have more LOVE than ever before, but I feel boring, and bored, and I think back to when I didn't feel this way and I felt so much more alive.  I was more active, I was more creative, I was more adventurous and I was more confident.  I know I used to write a weekly gratitude post on here, so I'm starting it up again.  Each week, I'm writing my top 5 things that I'm most grateful for that week.  And I'm interviewing my kids again, and taking quizzes on here so my kids can know me at all stages of life.  Because 10 years ago when I first started this blog, I was A MUCH different person than I am now....good ways and bad ways.  Hopefully I can get it all back to good ASAP!  For now, my top 5!

Country Living!  I just got off the phone yesterday with a. friend that moved from here to Gilbert, and we both agree, things are much too "fancy and perky" there, but she was saying how now she could never move back because the education system is so much better there...and I agree, it is.    I told her there are great things and obnoxious things about both places, and it just depends on what you feel is a better way of living for your kids.  I do wish the schools were better here. I wish  they had a gifted program for my 3 straight A kids, or any program to keep them on the up and up, but the daily living lessons they learn here are what make country living worth the crappy school system.  And I shouldn't say crappy school system.  Honestly my kids have had some of their best teachers ever in the snowflake/taylor system, but we lack so much funding!!!!  But I love how many kids are in each class and I love how personable the teachers are.   But getting chickens and bunnies in a couple of weeks, and riding their bikes down to Ed's and quads in the wash and the huge, wide, clean street that we live on with huge old trees and super friendly people that love to garden all day.  I LOVE IT!!! I know you can get all of this in the outsikirts of the country, but it's never the same (speaking from experience) I know some in the "smaller cities" of the valley feel that it's country, but when there are so many stop lights, so many cars, so many people and SO many nail salons.  haha, it's not real country livin.

This van! I'm SO grateful for this awesome van.  This last family road trip was probably the best we've had as far as getting alone, being comfortable and having a good time in the car.   There was 2 kids to a row, Jase put a TV in it, and there were blankets and pillow all over the place.  Per request of Jaden I made the kids individual snack boxes to keep em refreshed the whole week, and everyone was set.   There was a couple of usual squabbles, but nothing that even got my feathers ruffled. (country girl speaking there)

Health.  I've been SO obsessed with how chubby I am these last 2 years (it's been bad, and I've SUCKED and dieting) but lately I'm so glad that I'm able to run around with my kids, and wrestle with my littles, and jump on the trampoline and go for jogs. I'm so grateful for my sight and hearing.  My sight is going downhill QUICKLY the last year and a half.  At night I can't even see road signs, and the words I'm typing now are even a bit blurry, but I'm so glad that I'm able to see my cute kids faces and watch them learn for the first time, and hear their squeaky voices, and my older two and their amazing singing voices.  I am So grateful for a healthy body!

FOOD!  Ok, on the flip flop, I wish I didn't eat so much of it, but I love playing with food. I love making new recipes, I love buying new foods and I love spending half of my life in my kitchen! I'm so glad I'm not a picky eater.  Well, I do wish I didn't like sugar and cheese, but I'm so glad that I'm willing to try anything and like most everything except octopus, crab, squid, shrimp, cod and mushrooms.  Ok, and some really hot things. I'm wuss, I need to build up my spicy glands or whatever.  but I love food!

My parents! I'm so glad they live so close. I see them most every single day, wait, I see them EVERYDAY that we're both home.  Dad comes over to take pictures of me with his jewelry on, and to try  and win over Tru, and mom comes by to get caught up on whatever is going on with her calling and whatever is going on with the family.  Last night I was in a pickle!  Jase was in the valley and I dropped Jaden off at soccer, then had to run with the other 5 to Boston's pack meeting.  In the middle of the pack meeting I remembered Kam has dance in 30 minutes, the same time Jaden has to be picked up at soccer, and the pack meeting had another hour! I  called mom and they were there in a jiffy...even took Jaden out to dinner, which he needed after a day of studying to catch up, going to soccer with out dinner and sweating his gross little teenage guts out (stinky!).   They save me!  And we get to have dinner together every Sunday.  We all look forward to that, sometimes followed up by a game of cards. I'm So grateful for their health and that my kids get to know them while they are so active still.  They're such fun grandparents and so caring and great examples of service and kindness and humility to my kids.

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