Monday, March 6, 2017

California 2017

The last day of our trip we hit the beach for a couple of hours before heading home.  I took a few pictures of Sheronni for her senior pictures.  It was so much fun!
I made Jaden pose as her boyfriend for these next two.  He had no objections.  haha
Boston kinda does his own thing wherever we are.  So of course he started exploring rocks when we got to the beach....him and his "peanut butter gold" eyes.

 Then I told him to catch me a seagull...he came pretty close.
 This guy loved eating the sand!  He eats EVERYTHING!

 Vivian and Jaden spent a lot of the time finding treasures.  Vivian mostly found plastic and rocks.

 Pearcen wanted to be buried so the kids buried him...and he loved it...until he got sand in his mouth...the dude cried for a good 2 minutes straight!

 Vivian was all smiles at the beach.  She got wet up to her waist in her Sunday dress and jacket, so Kam was sweet enough to let her use her jacket...which ended up all sandy.
 I sat down by Pearce as he was playing and this was his face when he first looked at me...
but he's a quick poser and changed it to a smile.
 My all time favorite picture of the whole trip!

 Jaden was mermaid posing with Pearce...aka tackling.
 On the pier we tried to catch pigeons, but they were fast, but the seagulls were hungry, so they were a bit friendlier.
 Jaden had a Pringle for one.  He stole it right out of Jaden's hand.

I freaking love every single one of these monsters!  It was such a fun trip!!!!

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