Monday, March 6, 2017

2nd day at Disneyland....Vivvy's birthday!

Not gunna lie, we were already getting worn out by this day....but we were excited to hit splash and space mountain again!
 It's hard to get a picture of this one.  He's either eating, putting his and up to the camera, or turning away faster than I can snap.  So you'll get hand pictures and eating pictures, but he's a cool kid, and it's funny to watch him in public as he attract the ladies.
 I'm so glad Kam had Sheronni to hang with! They're both awesome!!
 Vivian wanted a picture with the castle, so yea, I took a bunch.  She has her 1st visit button and her birthday button on, and her magic bubble wand in hand and the Belle dress that she chose from the many princesses dresses in the closet of the condo we rented.

We even took a tour of the castle thanks to our Disneyland expert friend Amy!

 THE TEACUPS!!!!!!  They had so much fun riding the teacups with dad!

I had so much fun NOT riding the teacups and just being in charge of pictures. 

 WE eat a lot of ice cream and churros and dole whips.  The ice cream was SO messy!!!!

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