Monday, January 30, 2017

Self Journaling

Last weeks #52 week journaling idea was "what goals are you actively working on right now?" And of course, I just posted my goals a few weeks ago, and of course, I've already failed miserably at the diet one.  I feel like I'm doing pretty well at being a happier mom with more compliments and less criticism.  I can definitely tell a difference in our home, and in my relationships with my kids. I love it.  Who know all it took was thinking about it constantly day and night and praying about it constantly day and night to get closer to becoming the mom I want to (used to) be!  
Back to the goal I fail miserably at!  My baby is almost 1!  I weight 180!  That's HORRIBLE!  I weight about 180 when Jaden was one, but I was 3 months pregnant with Kam.  And I weighed about 180 when Kam turned one, but I didn't care.  And when Boss turned 1, I discovered weight watchers, so I was probably about 170, but quickly worked my way down to 140 by the time he turned 2...
And then of course, I got pregnant again with this guy....
 My weight came off quickly with him because I ate super healthy and worked out till week 38...hard!  So when he turned one I was already 150....but then I got pregnant again...let's keep in mind I gained between 68-75 EVERY SINGLE PREGNANCY!  So, yea, I got fat again, and I didn't workout with my Vivian pregnancy...I actually ate a lot and worked out probably 2-3x a week until about month 7 or 8 then I threw in the towel...still gaining my usual 70.  But luckily I had danica and lots of fun gym classes and a huge house and elliptical machine to whip me back into shape...this is me at her first birthday party....Probably weighing around 155-160...which is happy for me.  It's not skinny, but it's not hungry either. ;)

 I've been casually weighing in with my friend Kiri at her husbands office each Thursday and we're about the same weight (even though she's taller than me and her baby is half Truman's age) but last week I realized it's only 8 weeks until the cruise, I realized it's my 20 year reunion this year, and I am SO TIRED OF WEARING MY FAT CLOTHES!  I'm just 10 lousy pounds from wearing cuter close, and 20 pounds from wearing my favorites! I HAVE TO DO THIS!!!!!!!  Plus yesterday at church, a girl with THE cutest hair walked in.  I stared at her all of church!   Then I realized our baby boys are the same age, and we dressed them the same...we were wearing the same dress (but mine was about 10 sizes bigger) and I coveted her jacket and leather diaper bag as well...but the hair...the hair is similar to my hair in the above picture, but less round...this was my pixie grown out.   I'm rewarding myself for this next 10 pounds by going to Flag to get some cute outfits with kiri, but the next 10, I'm rewarding myself with cut and color by Tia!
And the next journaling idea is dumb, so I'll quickly add it onto this one.  It's "what would you want your family and friends to learn about setting and achieving goals from your example?".  Uh, obvious!  Set reasonable goals for your season of life.  I used to be able to hit weight loss goals so easy 8 years ago when I didn't have teenagers AND babies to  take care of, and I had so much time to workout.  Now I need to say a pound a week, rather than 2-3 like I used to do.  And same with reading the scriptures.  When I used to be able to do a chapter a day, I can now do a few verses a day. Another huge one is what I started with....have your main goal on the forefront of your mind always and it'll happen.  What was most important to me for 2017 is being a fun happy mom that's raising fun, happy, kind and confident kids.  So I wake up thinking and praying about it, I go to bed thinking and praying about it, and of course, if there's a second in between the daily chaos, I do the same.  But I always want my kids to know that setting goals is SO all areas of life.  It's how we progress.  It's how we become the people we want to be and the people Heavenly Father wants us to be. I learned at New Beginnings last night, that less than 3% of people set goals, and less than half of those write them down....yet the ones that write them down are something like 85% more likely to succeed.  WRITE THEM DOWN!  And review them weekly!  Set weekly goals, set daily goals, and monthly goals.  Year long goals are fine, but don't think about them...think about the small goals to help you achieve the yearly goals.  Bam, there's my 411 on goals, thanks to Shelbi's husband, New Beginnings speaker, Chalene Johnson and life's experiences.

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