Friday, January 6, 2017


Ive spent the day going through pictures since I've slacked off at blogging for, well, years, and I've got so much to post (and photoshop).  But for now, I'm just posting these two gems I found.  These were taking on our family walk last month.  Tru LOVES Kam!   And she adores him.   She has saved me since he was born.  She's been his second mom...and at times his first mom.  She loves to feed, change, bathe, dress, sit by him in the car and mostly make him laugh.  He LOVES Kam and grandma.  When Grandma Hatch walks through the door he crawls as fast as he can to her and climbs up her legs until she picks him up.

Also I found this awesome reminder article that most of us moms already know, but I think it needs to be remembered and reinforced for moms like me that sometimes like to take the easy road in parenting and later pay the consequences.


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