Monday, January 30, 2017

Creeper mom

I spy on my kids sleeping... a lot!  It's wheN I love them most!  they're so ridiculously sweet when they sleep...even my older monkeys!  I had to wake tru up a week or two ago, so I decided to do it with the click of my camera...

 Geez!  He's so stinking cute with sleepy face!
And then there's this guy!  He likes to wrestle.  He likes to tease.  He likes girls. He likes bringing his dorky friends over so they can do dorky stuff and say dorky things.  I had to wrestle him down for this shot.  His shot out tooth came out again, and he wouldn't open his trap for a week...until his super strong mom held him and made him!!!!

What now sexymexi? (his nickname to some)

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